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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pure laziness

It can honestly be said that this weekend was one of the most boring weekends I can remember. I pretty much slept the entire weekend away...

Friday night we had a dozen of our closest friends over for some pizza. I had initially planned a fiesta at our house and was looking forward to cooking for everyone and using all my new serving dishes that we had received as wedding gifts. This, however, was all planned and set before I found out I was pregnant and the absolute need to do nothing but sleep hadn't quite set in yet. When Monday rolled around I was dreading the fiesta. So much so, I had asked Ryan if I could cancel it and whether or not it would be tacky. Even though he said it was fine, I quickly remembered that I'm not one of those people. So, I toughed it out...or also known as...switched it to a pizza night! How much simpler it would be on me and the hubs since he would most likely be the one cleaning up after everyone left. It was such a great night. Me and my girlfriends haven't all been together since probably Memorial Day weekend so it was so wonderful to get to catch up with everyone together. We were also joined by some of Ryan's friends as well so it turned out to be a blasty-blast. While the girls ended up in the kitchen and the guys in the living room talking about hunting it was great having us all together, full of food and laughter. We have awesome friends and are so blessed! When it started dwindling down about 11 (and they were all headed to the 40) they did a super job of leaving my kitchen almost spotless! So thankful...we hardly had to put anything up before going to bed. After everyone had left to go out for an extended night of fun, I suddenly had a wave of sadness hit me. Not that I was sad I was missing the 40, because Ryan and I are completely over that, but because I was the one not going out because I couldn't...not that I didn't want to anymore. It was weird and I think that was the moment I really realized that our life was going to be different. However, the next day after the girls texted me about how the 40 was I realized I wasn't missing anything at all...the same people, the same songs to dance to, the same night, just different outfits was all going out was now. (That's definitely a sign of old age.) I also realized that I wasn't sad or felt like I was missing out on anything...I was happy that this was my life...That I was going to be a mommy soon and my nights would be consumed with dirty diapers and sleepless nights most likely due to a crying baby. I also can't wait until I'm not the only mommy---when all my friends are married and have babies and I'm the go to person because I can give advice or suggestions. That is definitely worth looking forward to! That and baby date nights with other couples!

Saturday was pathetic. That's the only word to really describe it. We woke up at 8:30 and went to the living room to catch up on the DVR. I made it through 2 hours of Whale Wars before we started on the House marathon. Hours and hours of me feeling queasy, hungry, and nothing sounding good enough to eat except for an apple. Miserable. Also the fact that Ryan and I stayed snuggled up watching episode after episode of House and me falling in and out of sleep for about 6 hours straight. Ryan headed to his dad's for a little bit until him and some friends went armadillo hunting. I remained on the couch for 6 more hours watching a mix of Lifetime movies, Pure Country, and Footloose. I was so miserable, bored, and ashamed that I had wasted an entire day doing nothing! I just can't help it though. This little baby wants me to do nothing but sleep so I happily oblige. I've been told to just listen to my I am. When Ryan got home last night after snoozing what seemed like all day I was still able to fall asleep last night. Ridiculous is all it is. This morning after church we went to Ruby Tuesday's...I believe I changed my mind three different times while the poor waitress was taking our order. When she left, after I probably confused her(which I did for sure because she messed up my order slightly and forgot our appetizer), I looked at the hubs and simply stated, "gah, that's a pregnant girl for you." Lunch was great and we headed home, curled up in bed, and I napped for about 30 minutes before we went to put a salt lick out for Ryan's hunting spot. We then went on a Sunday drive. Yes, a Sunday drive...around we're 80...because I didn't want to be home for fear of sleeping again. Lame!! After our joyride we came home and did some work outside on the boat. Well, Ryan worked on the boat and I napped on the tailgate. I'm absolutey worthless and I know it, but the hubs is okay with it so I am too. That's true love right?

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  1. You're not the only ones!! HA... We have lame nights too... We are usually in bed around 9:45-10:00... just trying to get into the routine of going to bed early when the baby gets here! I can't wait for dirty diapers, midnight feedings and lullabies!! Motherhood is just around the corner for us! :)


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