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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The husband and I have started a new routine of running every night after work. It's to prevent us from gaining those "love pounds." I think Ryan would be a lot more successful if he didn't sit down with a package of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk every night. Seriously. His cookie eating habit is out of control. I can't keep enough cookies in the house it seems. Of course, I have my own vice. I have a deep love for Snickers ice cream bars. They are phenomenal. Beyond it in fact. I could eat them all the time. Luckily, they come in packages of 6. You ask, why wouldn't you just not buy them and avoid both of those issues all together? That's not even an option. I have to buy them. They have to be in my cart. It's my OCD I believe. I hate that my sweets eating ability has rubbed off on Ryan. He used to never eat sweet. I ate enough for the two of us, but now, I think we have leveled the playing field.

Back to our running habit. We are doing really well with it. In fact, Ryan thinks that we are doing so well, he has confidence that I could run a 5K. Yes, a 5K. Now, I know that it is his job to be supportive, encouraging, motivating, etc. But to suggest I run 3.1 miles with his boss he is a little ridiculous, right? Right. At first of course I totally vetoed the idea all together. No way was I going to go run that much at 8 in the morning, in Conway. We had lunch together yesterday and I made the mistake of making the statement, "I want to do something fun this weekend." His response? "I bet we could handle that." Little did I know he would be asking me to run a 5K. I guess I should have said that we should do something fun. Either way, I am doing it. Go me! I had about zero faith that I could run the entire thing without stopping. But, today I made Ryan go and run it with me. 3.5 miles to be exact. I succeeded and did better than I thought. 35 minutes to finish without stopping. I was beyond proud of myself. So was Ryan. He had to stop a few times so of course that made me feel a lot better. Beating the husband, check.

He is convinced that I am going to make this a hobby of mine and I actually think that he may be on to something. It was rewarding knowing that I could do it. It was actually fun too. He even said we'll have to come out and run the 3.5 miles at least once a week. Shall we start a poll on how long that will last? For him, not long. I'm a person who adores routines so I think that I will be a bit more successful. Either way I know that we will encourage one another. Plus, we have to keep each other skinny. Ha!

I can honestly say that it's his own fault that I had to go on a mini shopping spree today though. New adventure, new clothes. Of course! So I set out and picked out a pretty lime green outfit. I will be running while looking cute. He loved it though. He loves my little antics, as I do his. Maybe we will pick up on some more hobbies so I can go and buy more outfits. It's always much more fun when you feel cute and I felt cute. Petty, I know. Just wait for the day that we don our matching running outfits. It will be spectacular!!

So, our Saturday will be spent in Conway this weekend. Ryan will be cheering on his beloved wife, while I am just trying to make my husband proud.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

30 Days Later

My dear husband and I have survived our first 30 days of marriage. This is monumental. It really is. In a good way of course. After the 30 days, and a clear evaluation of what lies ahead of us, I am 100% confident we will make it through anything. We have a very loving marriage. Yes, we get completely annoyed at each other and at times want to strangle each other, but at the end of the day when we crawl into bed we always say goodnight and I love you. Then, Ryan kisses me on the shoulder and we roll over and go to sleep. It's our nightly routine. One that I hope lasts forever. Even we have two babies, are completely exhausted, and the last thing we want to do it use that little extra bit of energy we have left in us, I have a great confidence in my husband that he will give me my last kiss of the day.

I love married life. Absolutely love it. I love every day at lunch that Ryan and I have lunch together, with Marley. I love that within minutes of getting home from work Ryan is asking me when he is going to get "sugars." I love that nearly every single day of the week I can guarantee you what we are doing after work and what shows we are snuggling up and watching together. All this, after our nightly run. It's our life. It's structured. I enjoy it. I know that one day we aren't going to be able to have this so I may as well enjoy it while I can.

We made a huge decision to stop taking birth control. When the man upstairs decides it's our time to be blessed with a child, we will. Until then, it's just the two of us...tackling day to day issues and being terribly in love.

Of course, I won't say that everything is always perfect between us. It's not and far from it in fact. We are only human, we both have our faults and we know what buttons to push on one another. We try really hard to work out disagreements that arise between us. I know it's in our best interest to put each other's feelings first and to do what is best for our family. We are the Davis's. We always will be. It's us together against the world. Being a wife is by far the most rewarding job I have ever applied for, accepted, and excelled at. I am a fantastic wife. I know this, and not really because my husband tells me so. He doesn't have to. I can tell because of how happy he is. Life makes more sense now that I am in a marriage. I know that things will always work out the way they are supposed to, especially with Ryan next to me.

I am terrible at taking things "one day at a time." I am a person who thinks ahead, plans things. Yet, I know that I am going to have to take things a little bit at a time. I can only hope that the next 30 days are as great as the first. Actually, I hope they are even better. I have a goal every year on my birthday...I always say that this is "the best birthday ever." Why? Because I always reflect on the past year and how awesome it was. If it wasn't the "best" I didn't live it to the fullest. A great mission of mine and so far I have always been very successful at it. With my marriage, I hope that every month it gets better and better. Seems simple enough. I love my husband, he loves me, and love conquers all. Not to mention, we will be in Alaska for our honeymoon in 3 weeks. Yes, the next 30 days will totally rock our socks off.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

That Time Again

I have married a hunter. I was completely aware of that as soon as we started dating and I have to admit I was pretty excited. He had a hobby- a good hobby. One that would keep him occupied, but more importantly, one that I was completely confident I would be able to share with him if I wanted. I was right. Our first hunting experience was when he took me duck hunting last winter. It was completely unsuccessful- no ducks, no prize, just waders full of water for me. However, it was a blast. I would never trade that experience for anything. This morning was the opening day of turkey hunting. I welcomed it with open arms...simply because I knew if I wanted to crawl out of bed at 6 in the morning with Bunney that I could. But, I didn't. I just sent him off with well wishes of bringing back a turkey to momma. Instead, I got donuts. I think deep down Ryan feel he must bring a peace offering when he returns from abandoning me for camo and guns. I really don't mind either way. I get to sleep in a warm bed, while waiting for him to return. He gets up, gets dressed, hopes for an animal, and thinks of what peace offering he's going to bring back home. They are always little things- but it's those little things I adore. I am very blessed to be married to someone like Ryan. Always wanting to put me first. I'm lucky-- I know this.

As much as Ryan hates to admit it, he has carried on the tradition of my being spoiled. Blame my daddy...he started it. Deep down I think that Ryan had vowed to end that lifestyle for me. To bring me back to reality after so many years and make me realize I'm not going to be spoiled like that anymore and shouldn't bank on always getting my way. So, with that said, it always amazes me that he surprises me with a new pink Titliest golf bag this week. (After of course I showed it to him, nonchalantly saying that it'd be nice to have that, a new putter, new golf shoes, and a driver. Obviously we are picking up golf again and are adamant that we are going to be consistent and I am going to get good at it again...) Wednesday I got my pretty new golf bag. Friday, I got a new putter. At this rate, by next weekend I will be completely ready to go golfing and feel like a brand new golfer thanks to my husband. Oh, and new clubs, compliments of daddy. So much for not continuing spoiling me. Well, technically, I never like to call it spoiled. I just call it loved. Wouldn't you? ...One more thing I love about married life: We totally get away with matchy-matchy stuff that I always longed for with my future husband. It's now a reality and I love it...matching Cooper tire golf towels to put on our golf bags? Yes, please. My husband is soo down with us matching too. See, I told you I was blessed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Balancing Act

My dear husband has began to really see what an avid planner I am. Actually, I think that I really take it to an extreme. I have always been a fan of 3-5-10 year plans. I recommend them to everyone and honestly believe that everyone can benefit from them. Why wouldn't you want to plan out your life and at least kind of have an idea of how your life was going to work out? I love having a little bit of an idea of what my life hold. Beginning in high school, when I was first introduced to this type of plan, I fell in love and instantly began to think about what I wanted. At first it was easy. At 18 I'd graduate from high school and begin college. At 22, I would graduate with a degree in Economics and Finance, hopefully be engaged to be married following my college graduation. At 25, I would have been married 2, maybe 3 years and probably be expecting a baby. I would be in the midst of a booming career, building a new home, and soon be having a second child in the way. By my thirties I would be established in my career, head over heals in love with my husband, have 2 beautiful babies, a great home, and living the American dream. I would retire early from my job, raise grand-babies, and travel the world with my love. I had it all planned out.

Well, reality hit...I graduated from high school at 18, graduated from college with a degree in Econ/Finance at 22. That was about as far as I got. No fiance, no real idea of what I was going to be doing with this degree. I had lived and learned like no other up until this time. I had a wild and crazy moment in my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Within a month of graduating from Tech I had met my now husband. Within a month of meeting him I basically knew that I was going to marry him. This was true love. True love that had me on track again. Back to my 3-5-10 year plans!! This time, however, it would be with that husband I had longed for back in the day. This imaginary husband that I honestly never gave much thought about until he popped into my life.

Here Ryan and I are. Planning our lives together. Actually, to be fair I should say that I am planning our lives together. Ryan's motto: as long as I am happy he is happy. If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. It was true with my mom and it will be true with my own family. So, here we are...embarking on our plan. It's sooo exciting and fun for me. Being told that we were getting land to build our beautiful future home, sent me spiraling in a frenzy to find out perfect house plans. Success. We are beyond thrilled to get started on it! Also, we have decided when we are going to start trying for a family...very soon. Try May. 2010. It will no longer be in our hands, but of someone greater. We are on the path of creating a new career path for me. It is all very, very exciting. I completely love it. I could plan daily. I almost get a high from it. It's strange, but my thing. I guess I should take the husband's suggestion and bring it down a notch, but deep down, I know that he likes hearing about "our" plans almost daily. So therefore, I shall continue. I suppose I'll start with our Alaskan cruise and what we must start thinking about packing. Oh Alaska--see you in 5 weeks!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a shirt?

It seems like I am officially part of the Beacon Clan. Or, at least that is how I feel and definitely what I am going to call it. Ryan's work is very close knit. Seriously, they are like extended family. I have always wore the husband's work shirts from the get go of our dating relationship. If you didn't see him in a Cooper tire shirt, then you definitely saw me in one. It's funny when you start dating and you happen to snag a shirt of the guy you're dating, you seem to wear that shirt at any opportunity. Mostly to sleep in, lounge in, and occasionally wear out in public. I felt like I was already apart of the group just by acquiring two of these shirts. Had we decided to go our separate ways, I can say that Mr. Davis would never have gotten those shirts back and they would have been tossed to the back of my closet and not thought about until I randomly came across it and would then later decided to throw it away. Funny how that happens. Months into the relationship when we knew we would be getting married, I wanted my own Cooper tire shirt. Why? I wanted to feel like a part of the clan. I didn't want to wear a medium that was a little big on me and clearly one of Ryan's shirts... I wanted it to be a small and fit me like my shirt. Well, today Ryan tells me that I will have a surprise at home when we get off work. --side note: there is no such thing as a surprise with me. I always figure it out or get him to tell me.-- So, naturally, I got it out of him. I finally was getting my own Beacon Tire shirt. A pink one, just like I had longed for. Being as finicky as I am of course I wanted a girly Cooper tire shirt. Ask and you shall receive, especially when you have an amazing husband like I do that just simply wants to spoil you like crazy. Yes, I absolutely love it and him. Ryan is so fantastic, I got two shirts. A pink and an orange. I know that to most people they would be like seriously? A shirt. Hmm...not impressive. Well, to me it's everything. I honestly feel like I am apart of this "family." You'd think that just getting married and actually being the wife would do it for me, but nooo... getting a t-shirt would be it. Funny how that happens. I tease Ryan that he is officially apart of the group and can hang with the boys now since he has a little bit of bling on his left hand. It's cute because he knows that I am right. Now, I suppose we should look forward to the day that we have kids running around like the rest of them. Our day will come, whenever it's suppose to. Until then, it's me, the husband, and the fur-baby... I wouldn't have it any other way.

Married life is awesome!!! I wouldn't have imagine I would enjoy it so much. I moved in with Ryan a month after we were engaged and so I was always curious as to whether or not our relationship would change once we were married. How could it? We were already living together doing the "married" thing without the title. I was sooo wrong. It is a million times better than anyone could imagine. I would recommend it to everyone, but only when you have found the right person...and luckily, I did.
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