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Saturday, April 10, 2010

That Time Again

I have married a hunter. I was completely aware of that as soon as we started dating and I have to admit I was pretty excited. He had a hobby- a good hobby. One that would keep him occupied, but more importantly, one that I was completely confident I would be able to share with him if I wanted. I was right. Our first hunting experience was when he took me duck hunting last winter. It was completely unsuccessful- no ducks, no prize, just waders full of water for me. However, it was a blast. I would never trade that experience for anything. This morning was the opening day of turkey hunting. I welcomed it with open arms...simply because I knew if I wanted to crawl out of bed at 6 in the morning with Bunney that I could. But, I didn't. I just sent him off with well wishes of bringing back a turkey to momma. Instead, I got donuts. I think deep down Ryan feel he must bring a peace offering when he returns from abandoning me for camo and guns. I really don't mind either way. I get to sleep in a warm bed, while waiting for him to return. He gets up, gets dressed, hopes for an animal, and thinks of what peace offering he's going to bring back home. They are always little things- but it's those little things I adore. I am very blessed to be married to someone like Ryan. Always wanting to put me first. I'm lucky-- I know this.

As much as Ryan hates to admit it, he has carried on the tradition of my being spoiled. Blame my daddy...he started it. Deep down I think that Ryan had vowed to end that lifestyle for me. To bring me back to reality after so many years and make me realize I'm not going to be spoiled like that anymore and shouldn't bank on always getting my way. So, with that said, it always amazes me that he surprises me with a new pink Titliest golf bag this week. (After of course I showed it to him, nonchalantly saying that it'd be nice to have that, a new putter, new golf shoes, and a driver. Obviously we are picking up golf again and are adamant that we are going to be consistent and I am going to get good at it again...) Wednesday I got my pretty new golf bag. Friday, I got a new putter. At this rate, by next weekend I will be completely ready to go golfing and feel like a brand new golfer thanks to my husband. Oh, and new clubs, compliments of daddy. So much for not continuing spoiling me. Well, technically, I never like to call it spoiled. I just call it loved. Wouldn't you? ...One more thing I love about married life: We totally get away with matchy-matchy stuff that I always longed for with my future husband. It's now a reality and I love it...matching Cooper tire golf towels to put on our golf bags? Yes, please. My husband is soo down with us matching too. See, I told you I was blessed.

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