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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

30 Days Later

My dear husband and I have survived our first 30 days of marriage. This is monumental. It really is. In a good way of course. After the 30 days, and a clear evaluation of what lies ahead of us, I am 100% confident we will make it through anything. We have a very loving marriage. Yes, we get completely annoyed at each other and at times want to strangle each other, but at the end of the day when we crawl into bed we always say goodnight and I love you. Then, Ryan kisses me on the shoulder and we roll over and go to sleep. It's our nightly routine. One that I hope lasts forever. Even we have two babies, are completely exhausted, and the last thing we want to do it use that little extra bit of energy we have left in us, I have a great confidence in my husband that he will give me my last kiss of the day.

I love married life. Absolutely love it. I love every day at lunch that Ryan and I have lunch together, with Marley. I love that within minutes of getting home from work Ryan is asking me when he is going to get "sugars." I love that nearly every single day of the week I can guarantee you what we are doing after work and what shows we are snuggling up and watching together. All this, after our nightly run. It's our life. It's structured. I enjoy it. I know that one day we aren't going to be able to have this so I may as well enjoy it while I can.

We made a huge decision to stop taking birth control. When the man upstairs decides it's our time to be blessed with a child, we will. Until then, it's just the two of us...tackling day to day issues and being terribly in love.

Of course, I won't say that everything is always perfect between us. It's not and far from it in fact. We are only human, we both have our faults and we know what buttons to push on one another. We try really hard to work out disagreements that arise between us. I know it's in our best interest to put each other's feelings first and to do what is best for our family. We are the Davis's. We always will be. It's us together against the world. Being a wife is by far the most rewarding job I have ever applied for, accepted, and excelled at. I am a fantastic wife. I know this, and not really because my husband tells me so. He doesn't have to. I can tell because of how happy he is. Life makes more sense now that I am in a marriage. I know that things will always work out the way they are supposed to, especially with Ryan next to me.

I am terrible at taking things "one day at a time." I am a person who thinks ahead, plans things. Yet, I know that I am going to have to take things a little bit at a time. I can only hope that the next 30 days are as great as the first. Actually, I hope they are even better. I have a goal every year on my birthday...I always say that this is "the best birthday ever." Why? Because I always reflect on the past year and how awesome it was. If it wasn't the "best" I didn't live it to the fullest. A great mission of mine and so far I have always been very successful at it. With my marriage, I hope that every month it gets better and better. Seems simple enough. I love my husband, he loves me, and love conquers all. Not to mention, we will be in Alaska for our honeymoon in 3 weeks. Yes, the next 30 days will totally rock our socks off.

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