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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Balancing Act

My dear husband has began to really see what an avid planner I am. Actually, I think that I really take it to an extreme. I have always been a fan of 3-5-10 year plans. I recommend them to everyone and honestly believe that everyone can benefit from them. Why wouldn't you want to plan out your life and at least kind of have an idea of how your life was going to work out? I love having a little bit of an idea of what my life hold. Beginning in high school, when I was first introduced to this type of plan, I fell in love and instantly began to think about what I wanted. At first it was easy. At 18 I'd graduate from high school and begin college. At 22, I would graduate with a degree in Economics and Finance, hopefully be engaged to be married following my college graduation. At 25, I would have been married 2, maybe 3 years and probably be expecting a baby. I would be in the midst of a booming career, building a new home, and soon be having a second child in the way. By my thirties I would be established in my career, head over heals in love with my husband, have 2 beautiful babies, a great home, and living the American dream. I would retire early from my job, raise grand-babies, and travel the world with my love. I had it all planned out.

Well, reality hit...I graduated from high school at 18, graduated from college with a degree in Econ/Finance at 22. That was about as far as I got. No fiance, no real idea of what I was going to be doing with this degree. I had lived and learned like no other up until this time. I had a wild and crazy moment in my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Within a month of graduating from Tech I had met my now husband. Within a month of meeting him I basically knew that I was going to marry him. This was true love. True love that had me on track again. Back to my 3-5-10 year plans!! This time, however, it would be with that husband I had longed for back in the day. This imaginary husband that I honestly never gave much thought about until he popped into my life.

Here Ryan and I are. Planning our lives together. Actually, to be fair I should say that I am planning our lives together. Ryan's motto: as long as I am happy he is happy. If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. It was true with my mom and it will be true with my own family. So, here we are...embarking on our plan. It's sooo exciting and fun for me. Being told that we were getting land to build our beautiful future home, sent me spiraling in a frenzy to find out perfect house plans. Success. We are beyond thrilled to get started on it! Also, we have decided when we are going to start trying for a family...very soon. Try May. 2010. It will no longer be in our hands, but of someone greater. We are on the path of creating a new career path for me. It is all very, very exciting. I completely love it. I could plan daily. I almost get a high from it. It's strange, but my thing. I guess I should take the husband's suggestion and bring it down a notch, but deep down, I know that he likes hearing about "our" plans almost daily. So therefore, I shall continue. I suppose I'll start with our Alaskan cruise and what we must start thinking about packing. Oh Alaska--see you in 5 weeks!!

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