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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The husband and I have started a new routine of running every night after work. It's to prevent us from gaining those "love pounds." I think Ryan would be a lot more successful if he didn't sit down with a package of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk every night. Seriously. His cookie eating habit is out of control. I can't keep enough cookies in the house it seems. Of course, I have my own vice. I have a deep love for Snickers ice cream bars. They are phenomenal. Beyond it in fact. I could eat them all the time. Luckily, they come in packages of 6. You ask, why wouldn't you just not buy them and avoid both of those issues all together? That's not even an option. I have to buy them. They have to be in my cart. It's my OCD I believe. I hate that my sweets eating ability has rubbed off on Ryan. He used to never eat sweet. I ate enough for the two of us, but now, I think we have leveled the playing field.

Back to our running habit. We are doing really well with it. In fact, Ryan thinks that we are doing so well, he has confidence that I could run a 5K. Yes, a 5K. Now, I know that it is his job to be supportive, encouraging, motivating, etc. But to suggest I run 3.1 miles with his boss he is a little ridiculous, right? Right. At first of course I totally vetoed the idea all together. No way was I going to go run that much at 8 in the morning, in Conway. We had lunch together yesterday and I made the mistake of making the statement, "I want to do something fun this weekend." His response? "I bet we could handle that." Little did I know he would be asking me to run a 5K. I guess I should have said that we should do something fun. Either way, I am doing it. Go me! I had about zero faith that I could run the entire thing without stopping. But, today I made Ryan go and run it with me. 3.5 miles to be exact. I succeeded and did better than I thought. 35 minutes to finish without stopping. I was beyond proud of myself. So was Ryan. He had to stop a few times so of course that made me feel a lot better. Beating the husband, check.

He is convinced that I am going to make this a hobby of mine and I actually think that he may be on to something. It was rewarding knowing that I could do it. It was actually fun too. He even said we'll have to come out and run the 3.5 miles at least once a week. Shall we start a poll on how long that will last? For him, not long. I'm a person who adores routines so I think that I will be a bit more successful. Either way I know that we will encourage one another. Plus, we have to keep each other skinny. Ha!

I can honestly say that it's his own fault that I had to go on a mini shopping spree today though. New adventure, new clothes. Of course! So I set out and picked out a pretty lime green outfit. I will be running while looking cute. He loved it though. He loves my little antics, as I do his. Maybe we will pick up on some more hobbies so I can go and buy more outfits. It's always much more fun when you feel cute and I felt cute. Petty, I know. Just wait for the day that we don our matching running outfits. It will be spectacular!!

So, our Saturday will be spent in Conway this weekend. Ryan will be cheering on his beloved wife, while I am just trying to make my husband proud.

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  1. Marley must have a matching outfit too ya know! lol Take lots of pics Saturday!! And good will do great!


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