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Friday, August 31, 2012

Gulf Shores Day 2

We woke up Sunday morning to beautiful weather. Mom made us breakfast and we headed down to the beach. He was cracking us up because he seriously wore that hat and sunglasses for what seemed like an entire hour. He was all about wearing it!
Jason's camera got most of the pictures from this day. I wish I had taken a bit more but I'm waiting for him to upload his.
After some beach time, mom, dad, Jason, and Ryan went on a golfing trip. I was plum tired and praying Wyatt would take a little nap so I could rest too. They left about 11 and so Wyatt and I ate some lunch and then settled in to hopefully take a nap. Playing at the beach that morning must have done the job because he went to sleep quickly and I got sleep too! I groaned an hour later when I heard him start rustling around knowing nap time was over. I got him out of the pack-n-play and put him in bed with me where we slept for 2 more hours. I could not be more thankful for that 3 hour nap, especially since I was watching the baby on my own. The timing worked out perfect because I got a shower, dressed, and on the road to head to a restaurant to meet the others.
We ate at Flippers and it was soo yummy! After dinner we came back home and hung out before heading back down to the beach. Mimi stayed behind to play with Wyatt and when I came back at 8 she proceeded to give him and bath and rock him to sleep. It always amazes me how quickly she can get him to sleep. It must be a grandma thing because Wyatt never goes to bed that quick for us.
I didn't stay up long becaus you guessed it...I was worn out. Pregnancy is so much harder with a toddler to chase around!!
We kept an eye on the weather and knew we had one more day to enjoy!

Gulf Shores Day 1

Last Friday night we headed to the beach. We were a little skeptical since Tropical Storm Isaac was also headed directly to Gulf Shores as well. We had already paid for the condo, knew we would have at least 3 days of good weather so we opted to go ahead for Wyatt's first beach trip!
He did soo good traveling down there. Traveling at night is the absolute best. Ryan probably loved it because I wasn't having to bother him to stop and pee since I was snoozing away. I took over driving for a couple of hours when the sun started coming up. We arrived a little before noon, went to eat lunch, and then crashed. Once we woke up, we got ready to head down to the beach.
Wyatt just took it all in when we first got down there.
He had to get a better look so we opted to remove his sunglasses. He is seriously such a little boy now and not a baby. (Sad face.)

He absolutely loved the beach!! He and daddy are such buds.

I believe the waves were his favorite part. He would run down to them and when they started to come ashore he would hightail it out of there. It was so much fun watching him. We got plenty of laughs of out him.
His other favorite part was sitting there waiting for the waves to wash in while he was sitting next to us or in our laps. This was the same facial expression he would have every time. He also said "Ohhh" just about everytime too.
Once the sun went down we headed in to eat supper at the condo. We finally got Wyatt to bed. He wasn't really ready to go to bed and was out of sorts. We were waiting for my parents to arrive (along with the pack and play). Wyatt was asleep about 30 minutes before they did get there and I didn't hang out long once they did arrive. I was super tired and the bed was calling my name.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last day of SDO

Forgot to post this from 3 weeks ago, but I had to get it on the blog! This was Wyatt's last day of SDO. 
He's rockin' some tie-dye and yep, his daddy called him a hippie. Geez. Oh well, Daddy's just jealous he doesn't have a tie-dye to match me and baby!

Back to school

Wyatt started back to school today. He was pretty stoked I do believe.
I just wish the little guy was a leetle more stationary so I could get a good picture of him.

And don't be fooled, he wasn't sad to be leaving. He was just ticked that I wasn't opening the door for him. He is a bossy little thing.

Uncle Jason got to watch him after school today. After supper Wyatt was being such a hoot. We were getting ready to leave and I'd ask, "Wyatt where's your shoes?" His reply? "I don't know." Little slurred, but you could definitely make it out. He was also throwing out the high fives left and right. When I asked for "ten" not thinking he would he didn't skip a beat and gave me "ten." This is by far the best age! He absolutely cracks me up and this is only the beginning!

This morning after I dropped Wyatt off at school I hurried to the doctor for an unexpected appointment. We had a little scare, but all is well and I got to see the baby. Two more weeks and we will know the gender!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fantasy Football

Friday night Ryan set off for his annual Fantasy Football draft. Naturally, I did the whole "woe is me" script that I have basically perfected. I mean I have to give a little bit of a hard time about "abandoning his family" to go have "a weekend of fun while I slave in the house and take care of our child." I never claimed to not be dramatic. In all honesty though, I don't mind when he leaves for this each year. A couple nights by myself getting to eat pizza, watch girly movies, and sleep in? Sign me up. Wyatt had the pleasure of spending the night with his Mimi so I could have an actual "free" night too. It worked out well. I got to watch Friends with Kids, The Sitter, and New Years Eve. The only one worthwhile was the first one. I shed quite a number of tears, but we will simply blame that on pregnancy hormones.

Ryan apparently had a good night too--Get him around a bunch of guys, a couple of drinks in him, and he suddenly channels his inner 50 Cent and believes he can rock a straight bill.

One day he will learn.

Saturday I hung out at mom and dad's and we waited for them to feed us. They did. It was good of course.

After we got home, I gave Wyatt his bath, and put him to bed. He was such a sweetheart to go to bed within 10 minutes of rocking him. Yep, we still rock out baby to "chill" mode before laying him in his bed to go to sleep. I started watching The Hunger Games and about 20 minutes before it was over I swear someone was outside my door tormenting me.

I thought it was the end.

I normally don't get scared staying by myself. I mean, I have to stay about 1 night alone each month and I do well. Sure I hear the "extra" stuff each night but it's nothing that has me texting my mom, my brother, my neighbor, and my husband.

I kept hearing a thumping sound outside the door. Initially I thought it was Laney's tail hitting the door or the wind knocking my wreath. When I got up to check those two guesses out (see I'm not a chicken) I realized immediately that it was not either. That's when I got a little creeped out. I left the porch light on after that and went to check on the baby who was still peacefully snoozing. This is when every light in the house got turned on and I sat froze in the recliner just listening to the noise while telling Ryan how freaked out I was. He called me and I was on the verge of tears. The noise didn't happen once while I was on the phone with Ryan, but once I hung up I heard it again. My brother even called me and after we got off the phone it stopped. I would swear up and down that someone was watching me, intentionally freaking me out. Ryan decided to come home (I'm not mean- I don't him he didn't need to, but he insisted. Luckily, he was already in bed and the guys weekend was basically over so I wasn't tearing him away from fun fun.) My brother so nicely came over and sat with me the 15-20 minutes before Ryan made it home. He checked out the outside of my house and we even tried to re-create the sounds I had heard.  (Today, my mom told me that he came over because "he didn't want anything to happen the baby" and by baby I do not mean me. Ha!)

Ryan made it home and Jason left and I kept on and on about how someone was out to kill me. Seriously, I said I thought it was the end. I even told Ryan what my plan was if someone did try and come in my house.

I'm still not sure what the sound was. All I know is that it totally weired me out and I will most likely be spending the night at my parents on those nights that Ryan is gone.

Today we let the baby drive the truck- hilarious! He learned to say Mommy. Mommm-meee. I absolutely adore it and think it is the most precious thing ever. We are currently watching the Steelers and Colts. The Steelers are our defense. Yes, it's our team. Hope we do as good as last year! We got second, but this year I am hoping for 1st.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friends this good...

Yesterday, I got a text saying I had a gift that would be arriving today. I forgot ALL about it. Seriously, I cannot remember anything these days. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up and saw a box sitting on the doorstep.

Now, imagine my delight when I opened it up and saw one of the things I had pinned to my Pinterest! A few nights back I had posted that I longed for someone to get in the kitchen and cook me some food!!
Haley had so sweetly made the chocolate chip cookies with a brownie inside from one of my pins! She then overnighted them to me!

They are huge. Really huge...and so, so yummy!!
See that yummy brownie in the middle?

I was so excited and feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, thoughtful person in my life. Me and my little baby (both of them) sure do appreciate her!!

And thank goodness for the cooler weather that allowed my cookies to stay in perfect condition with no melting!

Monday, August 13, 2012

16 months old

-Weigh 27.6lbs, wear a size 7 shoe, size 5 pampers diapers, size 18- 24 month clothes
-You have 10 teeth
-You finally have a vocabulary: puppy, mama, dada, poppa, coo for cookie, bel but for belly button, go
-You can identify your nose, belly button, and head
-You did your first flip
-You LOVE to brush your teeth. We brush morning and night. We simply as, “Wyatt do you want to brush your teeth?” and you will book it to the bathroom and stand on your tiptoes to try and reach it
-You are most notorious for randomly placing things throughout the house. Example: every night when we get ready to get ready for bed ourselves we ask each other where the toothpaste is.
-You walk around the house what I like to call “pondering” things. You walk around with your little hands behind your back
-You say Mmmm? In a high pitch tone as if asking, huh?
-Still are in love with your music and the laundry
-Oh the laundry. I will say you are really good at chores!
-You get so tickled at Marley. What’s even more fun is when Marley and you chase each other up and down the halls.
-You have zero interest in the tv aside from turning it on and off. What I would give for you to sit and watch even half an episode of a cartoon just ONCE!
-You love to be outside and helping mow the yard.
-You have a little flair for the dramatics especially when it comes to you not getting what you want.
-You can successfully climb onto all the chairs in the house. Setting things on the dining room table now has to been given a second thought.
-You are becoming a little picky about what you eat. This isn’t very fun. It seems in the world of ice cream, oreos, and sweet who has time for veggies? Luckily we can get you to eat fruits anytime. You aren’t a fan of your food being cut up into “baby” pieces anymore and the cutest thing is giving you your own slice of pizza. (Mommy’s favorite food.)
-Speaking of Oreas- it turns out you are not like your daddy in that you are a twister and not a dunker.
-You also LOVE getting money for your piggy bank.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bumpdate #2- weeks 13 & 14

13 weeks

14 weeks

How far along? 14 weeks

Total weight gain: 8 lbs
Maternity clothes? None yet. I am about to invest in a lot of dresses I do believe.

Sleep: Sleeping great...going to bed early and taking plenty of naps.
Best moment this week: I feel like poo from about 2pm until I go to bed. 

Movement: Yes! First time was at 12 weeks, 1 day and now I feel all the little "popcorn pops"
Gender: 100% positive it's a girl.

Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out? In!

Cravings: Food in general is my friend.
What I miss: Nothing really.
Weekly Wisdom: Find you a husband who lets you get away with doing nothing.

Milestones: Feeling the baby move and hearing the heartbeat at our appointment Friday.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long over due night out

Thursday I got a "night out" with my 4 favorite girls in the world! A nearly 3 hour dinner? Yes please!!
We all met in Conway for dinner and it was such a fun evening. I miss spending what seemed like every weekend going out with my girls dancing to our hearts content. While our conversations have definitely changed quite a's now marriage, husbands, kids, jobs, and the latest tv shows we've been watching I can definitely tell we are growing older. It's fun though with the great group of girls I have surrounding me.

I hope it's not FOREVER again before we all get together!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday's thoughts

Today I spent 35 minutes sitting in my car waiting for a fast food restaurant to hand me a kid’s meal (and a chocolate shake.) I waited patiently along with hundreds of other people because it’s something that is important to me. I do think the whole Chick-fil-A thing was blown completely out of proportion. I’m not one of those people who throw my religious or political beliefs in someone’s face. I will however, without a single hesitation, share with you what I do believe in when asked. I’m not one to shove it down your throat or necessarily make you feel bad about yours.
People on my Facebook make me roll my eyes on a daily basis…especially on subject matters such as marriage between a man and woman and gun control as of lately. Yet, I tolerate and respect their choices and their beliefs. I was raised in a way that I am proud of and was able to freely determine what I support and don’t support. I married a man whose ideals on such matters align just as mine do. I can remember when Ryan and I first starting dating and as a way to “sabotage” our budding relationship was one of his girl friends told him I was “one of the most liberal people out there.” That proves just how much she knew me, which was not at all. Clearly me and my favorite “political” buddy Susan got quite a kick out of that one. This is all to say that yes, I do believe in marriage between a man and a woman. I am Pro-Life. I do believe I look better in red and my baby’s room is decorated in elephants. (Okay, okay…the last one just kind of happened, but maybe it was destiny. Ha!) I am also a strong believer in freedom of speech and to me, that's where this whole CFA stems from. Whether or not I believe/agree with a company's religious beliefs, I 100% support the fact that they honestly answered a question. Trust me, there a lots of things I disagree with on my favorite radio morning talk show on Cosmo Radio’s Wake Up With Taylor. They, like many others, didn’t support the whole Chick-fil-A thing and occasionally bashed and made fun of it. Did I change the channel and refuse to ever listen to the station again? Nope. I rolled my eyes and waited for the subject to change. While I don’t believe in a lot of things I’m also not judging you by what you do or don’t do. I know people who are bisexual. Do I care? No. I’m not here to determine if what you are doing is right or wrong. I respect your decision, just as I would hope that you respect mine…
I think this post is basically all over the place…it was basically meant to say a few things…
  1. I support Chick-fil-A and what they represent. I feel more business should have the foundation that they do.
  2. I support Governor Mike Huckabee in his efforts.
  3. I chose to eat Chick-fil-A for lunch and wait 35 minutes.
  4. I chose to spend the money that I made where I see fit.
  5. I rejoice in the fact that so many people supported the same cause as I do especially in my own town.
  6. I refuse to feel anything but proud for people who waited patiently in line as well.
  7. I wish more people would truly stand up for what they believe in without fear of backlash.
  8. I predict people will disagree with this post and my beliefs. I just hope they choose to respect it.
  9. I loved my chicken, fries, and milkshake!
  10. I hate not being able to come up with a good number 10!
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