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Monday, August 13, 2012

16 months old

-Weigh 27.6lbs, wear a size 7 shoe, size 5 pampers diapers, size 18- 24 month clothes
-You have 10 teeth
-You finally have a vocabulary: puppy, mama, dada, poppa, coo for cookie, bel but for belly button, go
-You can identify your nose, belly button, and head
-You did your first flip
-You LOVE to brush your teeth. We brush morning and night. We simply as, “Wyatt do you want to brush your teeth?” and you will book it to the bathroom and stand on your tiptoes to try and reach it
-You are most notorious for randomly placing things throughout the house. Example: every night when we get ready to get ready for bed ourselves we ask each other where the toothpaste is.
-You walk around the house what I like to call “pondering” things. You walk around with your little hands behind your back
-You say Mmmm? In a high pitch tone as if asking, huh?
-Still are in love with your music and the laundry
-Oh the laundry. I will say you are really good at chores!
-You get so tickled at Marley. What’s even more fun is when Marley and you chase each other up and down the halls.
-You have zero interest in the tv aside from turning it on and off. What I would give for you to sit and watch even half an episode of a cartoon just ONCE!
-You love to be outside and helping mow the yard.
-You have a little flair for the dramatics especially when it comes to you not getting what you want.
-You can successfully climb onto all the chairs in the house. Setting things on the dining room table now has to been given a second thought.
-You are becoming a little picky about what you eat. This isn’t very fun. It seems in the world of ice cream, oreos, and sweet who has time for veggies? Luckily we can get you to eat fruits anytime. You aren’t a fan of your food being cut up into “baby” pieces anymore and the cutest thing is giving you your own slice of pizza. (Mommy’s favorite food.)
-Speaking of Oreas- it turns out you are not like your daddy in that you are a twister and not a dunker.
-You also LOVE getting money for your piggy bank.

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