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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday's thoughts

Today I spent 35 minutes sitting in my car waiting for a fast food restaurant to hand me a kid’s meal (and a chocolate shake.) I waited patiently along with hundreds of other people because it’s something that is important to me. I do think the whole Chick-fil-A thing was blown completely out of proportion. I’m not one of those people who throw my religious or political beliefs in someone’s face. I will however, without a single hesitation, share with you what I do believe in when asked. I’m not one to shove it down your throat or necessarily make you feel bad about yours.
People on my Facebook make me roll my eyes on a daily basis…especially on subject matters such as marriage between a man and woman and gun control as of lately. Yet, I tolerate and respect their choices and their beliefs. I was raised in a way that I am proud of and was able to freely determine what I support and don’t support. I married a man whose ideals on such matters align just as mine do. I can remember when Ryan and I first starting dating and as a way to “sabotage” our budding relationship was one of his girl friends told him I was “one of the most liberal people out there.” That proves just how much she knew me, which was not at all. Clearly me and my favorite “political” buddy Susan got quite a kick out of that one. This is all to say that yes, I do believe in marriage between a man and a woman. I am Pro-Life. I do believe I look better in red and my baby’s room is decorated in elephants. (Okay, okay…the last one just kind of happened, but maybe it was destiny. Ha!) I am also a strong believer in freedom of speech and to me, that's where this whole CFA stems from. Whether or not I believe/agree with a company's religious beliefs, I 100% support the fact that they honestly answered a question. Trust me, there a lots of things I disagree with on my favorite radio morning talk show on Cosmo Radio’s Wake Up With Taylor. They, like many others, didn’t support the whole Chick-fil-A thing and occasionally bashed and made fun of it. Did I change the channel and refuse to ever listen to the station again? Nope. I rolled my eyes and waited for the subject to change. While I don’t believe in a lot of things I’m also not judging you by what you do or don’t do. I know people who are bisexual. Do I care? No. I’m not here to determine if what you are doing is right or wrong. I respect your decision, just as I would hope that you respect mine…
I think this post is basically all over the place…it was basically meant to say a few things…
  1. I support Chick-fil-A and what they represent. I feel more business should have the foundation that they do.
  2. I support Governor Mike Huckabee in his efforts.
  3. I chose to eat Chick-fil-A for lunch and wait 35 minutes.
  4. I chose to spend the money that I made where I see fit.
  5. I rejoice in the fact that so many people supported the same cause as I do especially in my own town.
  6. I refuse to feel anything but proud for people who waited patiently in line as well.
  7. I wish more people would truly stand up for what they believe in without fear of backlash.
  8. I predict people will disagree with this post and my beliefs. I just hope they choose to respect it.
  9. I loved my chicken, fries, and milkshake!
  10. I hate not being able to come up with a good number 10!


  1. I would have been at chik fil a too today if I didn't live in this crummy little town and have to make the drive! :)
    I support your post!

  2. Right on the money sister! I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY!! Love it!

  3. The whole CFA ordeal amazed me. I totally support their freedom of speech, and I align with their traditional, Biblical values. However, I have a hard time with the Christian response. I think we would have changed the world yesterday if instead of waiting in line for chicken, we would have shown the love of Christ. Living out those Biblical principles we wanted to promote would have done more good than buying a chicken sandwich, right? I am just so confused about the whole thing. Not bashing you for eating there (I would have if I would have had time to wait) but I think the "movement" should have been more about living what we (and Chick-fil-a) believe. Taking 30 minutes and 15 bucks to love on someone would have made a bigger impact I think.

    1. I think that is where some people got a little ridiculous. This, to me, like I said earlier, was about freedom of speech. If the "movement" was wear the color orange to support that I would have wore orange. I'm a little bit disgusted by the people who are all "oh if only all these people were actually sitting in church on Sunday mornings or if they really want to show what a good Christian they would be volunteering time and money to a cause instead of supporting a corporation." Those are the type of comments that irk me more than anything...those who try to make themselves look and feel better and me worse because I visibly supported the first amendment. The one that people are FIGHTING for everyday.

  4. Love your post, Sarah! Back you 100%.

  5. Very well said...I respect you even more!


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