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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh. Wyatt.

OH is right!

There are times in life when things that are happening in real life, but yet you are only seeing it in slow motion. This happened to me and Ryan today. I know you are thinking, they must have witness a car wreck or something equally horrific. Well, no...kind of. We did witness something public...and it was because of our precious son.

We've never let Wyatt be a crazy wild man in stores mostly because A. shopping is so much easier when he is contained in a stroller and B. I honestly can't stand those kids. However, today I had back up in the form of Ryan while we were out shopping so we decided to let him shop sans-stroller and boy was he loving life! We got our goods and headed to the check out line. I handled the checking out and Ryan was tending to Wyatt. I was mid-paying and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye saw Wyatt sprinting towards the two ladies (one the mother and one a teenager girl) at the check out 2 registers over. Normally this wouldnt be a big deal. Yet, this time, Wyatt was running toward the teenager arm fully extended, hand in a I'm-ready-to-grab-something form. This is when sllloooowww moootttiioooon started occuring. I'm pretty sure I said "Wyatt!" to distract him, but there was no hope. My innocent little boy at only 15 months old successfully grabbed his first booty. We're talking handful. Of an older woman no less. Shockingly, I wasn't embarrassed. I mean, with kids it's just kind of a given that moments like this are going to happen. I am just so thankful it was the teenage girl and not the mother. That would have been way more awkward. We both immediately apologized and thank goodness she just laughed it off and said it was okay. All would have been well after that because I was wrapping up paying, but oh no. The weirdo worker who was helping me had to take it a step further and say, "Oh was she a bad girl? Did she need a spanking?" And yep, it was in an seductive way. I think it was that point that we all felt awkward and I grabbed my bag and we bolted. We may resort back to the stroller whilst shopping.

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  1. So funny! He is a true ladies man!! I LOVE IT!!!


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