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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Laughs

1. Wyatt loves anything with buttons so every day he "asks" to have his radio turned on. It never fails, he lays down on his belly and starts pressing away. My favorite is when he starts kicking his feet up and down.

2. Whenever we are at my parent's Wyatt raids the pantry. Today he carried around some Cheerios eating the occasional one or two, but mostly just toting the box around. I started sweeping, with my back to him, and then I heard the splatter of Cheerios. It was a race between him and Wyatt of who could gobble them up the fastest. We now owe Mimi and Pawpaw a box of Honey Nut Cheerios.

3. Wyatt has a little girlfriend at school. He demands she sit next to him in the ByeBye Buggy pounding on the seat next to him.

4. On the girlfriend subject, Wyatt fell in love with a cute little blonde at a restaurant this week. Like, broke his neck to look at her whenever she walked past him. He is just driving the dagger through my heart.

5. Wyatt's starting to say "words" here and there. They crack us up because they are so random and not really the words, but we can definitely tell he is trying. My favorite was when he said "Bunnnney."

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  1. Haha- so funny! Zane loves buttons too! It must be a boy thing,lol! Haha- he has his first crush-too cute! He is def a ladies man! I can so understand the word thing. Zane calls everything nose-lol. Bunneeyy- too cute. Love your laughs.:)


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