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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun with numbers- baby #2's debut!

We met our second little baby today!
Everything is going wonderfully! S/he is growing right on track measuring just 2 days ahead of what we were figuring. Due date is expected to be February 9!!

I have been kinda mum on the whole pregnancy posts because while I knew I was pregnant, I wanted to see the baby first. Now I can blow up my blog and do weekly bumpdates! Yay!

Until then, how about a little fun with numbers??

10- number of weeks I'm pregnant (officially tomorrow)
22- number of months between Wyatt and his sibling
7- number of weeks I started wearing my bella band (whhhaat??)
6- number of weeks I got out my Snoogle. Pregnancy pillows rock.
18- number of weeks I look pregnant
5- number of times I've thrown up this pregnancy
20- approximate number of days I've been sick. Kicked in at 6 weeks and hasn't stopped
2- number of months until we find out the gender
6- number of pounds I've gained already. (Whhaaat?) (For the record I weigh myself every morning and it says I've gain 4. I continue to go with that since the doctor and my scale were constistently 2 off last time)
9- number of pounds I expect this baby to be. However, a little 6 pounder sounds good even though I know I can push out an 8.13 bundle of love
4- number of bags of Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream Lays I've consumed. (See 4lb weight gain)
0- number of times I will eat Long John Silvers again
8- number of different foods I keep in my desk at work

That's all I can think of about now. I swear mommy brain + pregnancy brain is going to leave me virtually handicap...


  1. What a wonderful little jelly bean! Congrats!

  2. Yay for February Birthdays!!!

  3. Cute post! Congrats again!! :-)

  4. How cute! so excited for you!!!!!


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