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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

His buddy Scout

Wyatt loves Scout there is absolutely no doubt about it. When he gets tired he immediately gets Scout and carries him around. We can say, "Where's Scout?" and he will book it looking for him. Misty got it for him for Christmas and I honestly thought it would be just like any other stuffed animal at our house. I was wrong. Scout goes lots of places with us in the car. He has been drug across the yard a few times, but survived.

On my nightly last minute check and kiss, I walked in to Wyatt like this.
It seriously melted my heart to see him so sweetly curled up with Scout.

I am curious to see the next baby and what he becomes attached to. If it's Scout we are in trouble!!


  1. waaaait! You are having another BOY?! Did I miss this announcement? We have a Scout too, but V does not share the love that Wyatt does, soo cute!

  2. When I proofread I noticed that too, but no...or at least not that I'm aware of! I am just in the habit of saying "he" all the time. We will find out in September and it seems FOREVER away.

  3. If you have a girl, you can get a Violet and all will be right in the world. My son is quite attached to Scout too. Hopefully this new baby will be a girl...or my son will get over Scout before #2 wants to become attached.

  4. Haha- don't worry they make a Violet too! Zane loves his Scout. Too cute!


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