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Monday, July 2, 2012

Bathroom break

The older Wyatt gets the more hysterical he becomes. I LOVE this age. He cracks me up  every minute it seems. The picture is bad, but I had to show him off tonight. Like his tucked in pjs? I swear having a kid is the most comical thing a person could experience.
When I was younger I can very clearly remember peaking under the door when my parents where trying to use the bathroom. I know now that they probably weren't really "using" the bathroom, but more or less escaping the craziness of having children. If you don't do this, I think you are missing out on just a couple of minutes of peacefulness. I also remember wiggling my fingers under the door thinking that certainly would get me in there with them. This evening after I had given Wyatt his bath I went to, legitimately, use the bathroom and heard a little bit of whining at the door. Nothing new. He always wants to accompany while I take care of business when Ryan's not home. This time though, I saw little stubby fingers sliding under the door and as soon as I opened I spotted a little boy laying on his belly, with his head held up, very happy to see me.He hopped right up and walked his happy self into the bathroom.  I about melted right then and there and how absolutely precious he was and how it's finally beginning. I am about to start witnessing all the crazy, ridiculous things I use to do to my parents. This should get interesting. 

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  1. So funny yet so true!! I most of the time leave the door open, but on occasion sneak in and close the door, hoping no one will find me!! He He!!


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