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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just a typical day

These are mostly from last Thursday's kind of a "day in the life of Wyatt."

We do a lot of reading...
And getting annoyed...
And emptying the blanket drawer...

I also get just a little bit jealous when Mommy brings out the baby play mat.

We chill out and brush our teeth...
And beat up the baby and make her cry and then get upset ourselves and cry as well...

Mommy's personal favorite unrolling all the toilet paper. (And for the record we are not above putting the unrolled paper in a Wal-Mart sack, hanging it on the TP holder and calling it good.)

Getting a "fake" boo-boo before Mimi and Pawpaw come to see me...

Only to get a real boo-boo 2 days later.

How cute is my little man? Very? Yah I thought so too!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

50 weeks old

50 weeks old and more nosey than ever!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 years ago

Yesterday was our two year anniversary and since it was also Picture Day for Wyatt I decided to hold off on posting some of my favorite wedding pictures today. I should first start out saying that I am forever thankful for Courtney and her decision to contact me via Facebook while on our mini-moon and tell me the horror story that her friend experienced with the photographer we had hired. If it hadn’t been for her and our quick thinking to play their game and “scam” them back we probably would have never received our wedding pictures. (It was so bad that the local news actually did a segment on the couple who were notorious for taking engagement pictures, returning them promptly, taking the wedding pictures and then NEVER having any contact with the couples again. So 15+ couples never received their wedding pictures. That is completely tragic to me. We decided to tell our photographers that we had a potential client that wanted to see hard copies and not computer proofs because they were looking for a photographer and were seriously interested in ours but we had a specific weekend we were going to see them so we really needed them by that date. I swear this is the ONLY reason we got our wedding pictures back from them because they saw it as a potential person to scam. So sad. It was well over a year after our wedding (after they moved to Texas-once she was off probation from jail!!) that I received my proofs that I was entitled to.) Long story, no? Nonetheless, I am happy that Courtney chose a different photographer for her wedding and that she went out on a limb to contact me (someone she didn’t even know) and help a sister out. We have been “friends” (Facebook and Blog) since then and I hope to meet her in real life soon. I don’t have a friend named Courtney so Ryan is finally beginning to pick up on who “Courtney” is and I don’t have to keep calling her “my blog friend Courtney.” Ha!

So in honor of our wonderful wedding day, here are just a few of my favorite pictures:


You are such a blessing in my life whether I tell you enough or not You are without a doubt that most annoying person that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and how lucky I am to be stuck with your for life. People must be jealous. I look forward to many, many years together when you are morbidly obese from all the late night Oreos. I love how those reading this love letter to you will think I am nothing but a bitty to you, but in fact you are eating it right up because that's just how we work. You will forever be my love, my Bunney, my baby daddy, and the one I go to first. I love you so much and I thank you for 2 great years so far.

Lurve you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

49 weeks old/2nd anniversary

49 weeks old and he was a Grumpy McGrump. I do believe that his 2nd top tooth is hurting him. Tomorrow should be better!

Don't be fooled, he wasn't that upset. He was fake screaming and crying. Real cute!

See, I got some smiles out of him...

But mostly he was content chillin' in my lap.

Today is also our 2nd anniversary. Mom called and asked what we were doing and we had zero plans, so she insisted we go eat dinner and her and dad could come watch the baby. We took them up on the offer!

His PawPaw brought him some ice cream. Well, him and Marley.

Our 2nd anniversary picture:

changed a lot from last years when I was 37 weeks pregnant and just finished hiking Petit Jean:

Happy 2nd anniversary Bunney! I love you so much!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2nd Anniversary Trip

This past weekend Ryan and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Aww, two years already? How is that even possible? Our actual anniverary is on Tuesday the 20th but we celebrated early.

Friday we loaded up to take the baby to stay with Nana and Pa. Seconds before we left the UPS dropped off my Nikon camera! Woo!! I wasn't even expecting it because I had checked it the night before and it was still in the shop. I guess they had finished and overnighted it to me all for free!! My flash had broke not even two weeks after I got it back the first time and I sent it back in and they fixed it immediately and for free. I have been very satisfied with their customer service! Anyway... We had just woke him up from his nap and you can definitely tell.

 One we said our always sad goodbyes we got on the road and headed to Salesville, AR which is a few miles outside of Mountain Home. On the way we channeled our inner antiquers and conquered two stores. Lots of laughs in these two stores and luckily sadly we left empty handed.
We stayed in a cute little cabin with this loft...also known as Wyatt's future sleeping quarteres. Ryan is showing it off, but it appears as though he is calling for his Juliet.

Me and my love:
 We went to Mountain Home to eat dinner and see a movie. I highly suggest 21 Jump Street if you want to see a funny movie! Afterwards, I thought it would be hilarious to ride in the center on the way home...
That's what love birds do, no?

 I honestly felt like we were 16 and just soooo in love.
Our cabin was right on the river and it was so nice and relaxing.

Saturday we slept in until about 8:30 and got around and on the White River by 10:30. I absolutely love trout fishing and I have beat Ryan since 2009.
I caught the first (and last) fish on our trip.

Here's Ryan's. He actually caught more. 17 to 14. and he even caught a brown.
More fish pictures:
This was the first holiday I didn't get to spend with the baby. I missed St. Patrick's Day with him but I was sure to pack him so green so he didn't get pinched! This is the picture my MIL sent us.
Saturday night we returned to Mtn. Home again and ate at a little restaurant called 870 Bistro. If you are up there I highly suggest you eat there. Very good!

We got back to the cabin and were in bed by 9:52. Party animals.

We got up Sunday at 8:30 again and packed up and got ready to head home and get our sweet baby boy!

Only Ryan will appreciated this from the ride home:

Bunney, do you see what I see?

Thank you for a great anniversary trip! You can thank me for suggesting a trout fishing trip!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good for the soul (& uterus)

Life is so much busier now days. Is that just what happens when you get older? Becoming a wife and then a mother it seems that I have been disconnected so to speak from all my friends. Sure, we talk weekly, but it's not the same as actually getting to see them. I am a bad enough friend that I didn't get to meet my friend Susan's baby until today...3 weeks after  she was born. Maybe I just suck at life. Maybe it's just being that busy and trying to plan things while having a kid. Either way I am so happy that I finally got to get some newborn lovins! Sweet baby Emma:
Sweet, right? Wyatt and I had a lunch date today and he got to see Miss Payton and Miss Emma. I just love these little girls. We did a lot of passing around of babies after we had ate and even took a picture of us with the help of Josh and Judy! (Post the picture soon Haley, please!)

What I love about my friends is that we are able to pick up where we left off. Our frienships haven't changed in over a decade. We still laugh at the same stuff. I am so lucky to have such great friends that are in the same season of life as me. Like Judy said, "It's still so weird to see all us girls with babies." It really is. Just looking around the table seeing the 3 of us and our offsprings warms my heart. I hope to get to see the babies more often because they are truly growing entirely to fast. That, and it gives my uterus a rest for a few more days. Ha!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

48 weeks old

Things got serious eating dinner at Mimi and Pawpaw's tonight...
So serious, we couldn't even make it upstairs to the bath and opted to take a sink bath. Baby hasn't had a sink bath since about the time his pee pee clamp fell off. Ha!

Monday, March 12, 2012

11 months old

Oh're almost not so much a baby any more but a "toddler." Whaaaa?
Here are the fun things going on with you during your 11th month:

-You have taken two steps multiple times. The first time you did it was March 5. You are getting more and more brave. I won't claim you're a "walker" until you are truly walking, but you are in fact taking steps.

-You say Ba, Da, Na, Ga, and I occasionally hear Ma.

-You wear 12 month pants and 18 month tops and onesies. Your shoe size is a 6 and we are finishing up your size 4 diapers and you wear a size 5 while you sleep.
-You are still such a great eater and honestly eat anything that we give you. It is so nice!

-You and your puppy are becoming more of friends and Marley is truly loving dinner time.

-You have 3 teeth and we can see the 4th one is pushing through. You are pretty managable during this whole teething experience. Thank goodness!

-You still sleep for 11-12 hours a night.
-You push everything all around the house.

-You are interacting with your toys and it is so funny to see you figure out new stuff. Your favorites are still Scout, the alligator, and push walker.

You are such a blessing in our lives Wyatt and we cannot wait to see what you do in the coming month!!

Next month is your 1 year post. BOOOOO!!!

Also, on your 11 month birthday cousin Maycie was born and she is such a doll!
A glimpse of what our future possibly holds. Ha!

He also got to see sweet Taylor. She would say Iatt. Too cute. Luckily she forgave Wyatt when he tackled her. Seriously he is a beast of a kid.
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