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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 years ago

Yesterday was our two year anniversary and since it was also Picture Day for Wyatt I decided to hold off on posting some of my favorite wedding pictures today. I should first start out saying that I am forever thankful for Courtney and her decision to contact me via Facebook while on our mini-moon and tell me the horror story that her friend experienced with the photographer we had hired. If it hadn’t been for her and our quick thinking to play their game and “scam” them back we probably would have never received our wedding pictures. (It was so bad that the local news actually did a segment on the couple who were notorious for taking engagement pictures, returning them promptly, taking the wedding pictures and then NEVER having any contact with the couples again. So 15+ couples never received their wedding pictures. That is completely tragic to me. We decided to tell our photographers that we had a potential client that wanted to see hard copies and not computer proofs because they were looking for a photographer and were seriously interested in ours but we had a specific weekend we were going to see them so we really needed them by that date. I swear this is the ONLY reason we got our wedding pictures back from them because they saw it as a potential person to scam. So sad. It was well over a year after our wedding (after they moved to Texas-once she was off probation from jail!!) that I received my proofs that I was entitled to.) Long story, no? Nonetheless, I am happy that Courtney chose a different photographer for her wedding and that she went out on a limb to contact me (someone she didn’t even know) and help a sister out. We have been “friends” (Facebook and Blog) since then and I hope to meet her in real life soon. I don’t have a friend named Courtney so Ryan is finally beginning to pick up on who “Courtney” is and I don’t have to keep calling her “my blog friend Courtney.” Ha!

So in honor of our wonderful wedding day, here are just a few of my favorite pictures:


You are such a blessing in my life whether I tell you enough or not You are without a doubt that most annoying person that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and how lucky I am to be stuck with your for life. People must be jealous. I look forward to many, many years together when you are morbidly obese from all the late night Oreos. I love how those reading this love letter to you will think I am nothing but a bitty to you, but in fact you are eating it right up because that's just how we work. You will forever be my love, my Bunney, my baby daddy, and the one I go to first. I love you so much and I thank you for 2 great years so far.

Lurve you.


  1. Um LOVE this. You are too kind. I am so grateful to have made a "friend" out of such a bad situation. You are awesome! And yes.. I hope we do get to meet in real life soon. And I love that Justin is the exact same way in the fact that I don't have a friend named Sarah and Justin always has to say, "wait, is this your blog friend?". That is hilarious!

    Happy Anniversary to you to and I hope nothing but many more for you!

  2. Happy anniversary! You made one gorgeous bride!


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