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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Well, we have been MIA since Wednesday. We decided to paint our hallway, dining room, kitchen, and laundry room...
What the heck were we thinking?! We started on Wednesday night and we have been running back and forth between our house, my parent's, and Ryan's mom. It was a nightmare going between all the places, but it was well worth it.

So much better.

We stayed with my mom Wednesday and Thursday with my parents and then Friday night we stayed with Ryan's mom. When we got up Saturday morning we loaded up and headed to Conway for some shopping. I found the above curtains and I love them and the way they look.

We also got Wyatt the start of his Spring wardrobe and had a yummy lunch at Outback.

He was rockin' in his shades.
How funny is this?
For the record he didn't ride this way. I had just changed his diaper. I just about died laughing.

Today, I had me a mini-mental health day after all the painting, running around, hustle and bustle. I did a little shopping and picked up some red lipstick. I thought it was fun and different...Ryan thought it was downright hilarious.
He is probably right! HA.

Hope you had a great week and had to be better than mine. Painting is not my idea of a good time. However, I am loving not having wood paneling in our house anymore!


  1. I love the curtains and the little bit of the wall I can see! I bet it looks completely different now. Did you paint all the rooms the same color?

  2. It does look completely different. It's all that oatmeal color and I'm all grumpy about taking pictures because I had to send my big camera off to Nikon again so I am nearly anti-picture taking. :( It was hard, tiring work but the way we see it, when we get ready to sell it people won't be so turned off by the wood paneling anymore.

  3. Yeah from what I can tell it looks great!! Hope you get your camera back soon, I need to see more pictures of it! : )


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