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Monday, March 12, 2012

11 months old

Oh're almost not so much a baby any more but a "toddler." Whaaaa?
Here are the fun things going on with you during your 11th month:

-You have taken two steps multiple times. The first time you did it was March 5. You are getting more and more brave. I won't claim you're a "walker" until you are truly walking, but you are in fact taking steps.

-You say Ba, Da, Na, Ga, and I occasionally hear Ma.

-You wear 12 month pants and 18 month tops and onesies. Your shoe size is a 6 and we are finishing up your size 4 diapers and you wear a size 5 while you sleep.
-You are still such a great eater and honestly eat anything that we give you. It is so nice!

-You and your puppy are becoming more of friends and Marley is truly loving dinner time.

-You have 3 teeth and we can see the 4th one is pushing through. You are pretty managable during this whole teething experience. Thank goodness!

-You still sleep for 11-12 hours a night.
-You push everything all around the house.

-You are interacting with your toys and it is so funny to see you figure out new stuff. Your favorites are still Scout, the alligator, and push walker.

You are such a blessing in our lives Wyatt and we cannot wait to see what you do in the coming month!!

Next month is your 1 year post. BOOOOO!!!

Also, on your 11 month birthday cousin Maycie was born and she is such a doll!
A glimpse of what our future possibly holds. Ha!

He also got to see sweet Taylor. She would say Iatt. Too cute. Luckily she forgave Wyatt when he tackled her. Seriously he is a beast of a kid.

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  1. I love how he keeps his sunglasses on, V takes hers off faster than I can put them on her. The changes from 11 to 12 months are insane, it all happens so fast. Enjoy your last month of babyness.


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