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Monday, June 28, 2010

Manic Monday

Monday…boo. I usually sit here and wonder where exactly my beloved weekend went. Ryan and I seemed to have something planned every weekend this summer. Somewhat of a bummer, but also something to look forward to each weekend. Friday night, after the baby got picked up by Mimi, we set off for Conway for a little shopping and dinner. Ryan was on a mission to buy shorts and I was on a mission to get some peach sweet tea. Great compromise. The best part about shopping with Ryan is he insist on buying me something every time. Even if I can’t find anything that I just can’t live without, we usually find me something…or days later, we still need to make up for me not getting something. Luckily, this trip I did find something. Walking past the Hallmark store, Ryan spotted the new Vera Bradley and insisted we go look at it. I said I didn’t really need a new purse, and this is the cute part…Ryan said, well it’s almost your birthday. (Almost, being in November.) As we walk to the car he begins to tell me that it is time for him to start buying my birthday presents. Music to my ears! There is almost nothing better than getting birthday presents, months in advance!! See how great he is!

Also, this past weekend, it was Ryan’s weekend to work, so I knew that my Saturday morning would be sent cleaning the house, trying to catch up on a few things that have slacked off since I started school. By that, I mean laundry. Ryan left for work about 8 and my intention was to catch up on sleep that I have been missing out on over the past 3 weeks. No surprise when I got up moments after the hubby left and proceeded to start the laundry. Two loads in I decided I needed to go to Wal Mart and print off some pictures. Ryan and I decided that I would come to work that day and help him answer phones in the office until noon, so that was my next mission. I know, my day off and I go and help my husband at work…on a Saturday…during summer…with lots of “things” to be done at the house…after just purchasing the new Jack Johnson cd…I am such a good wife, I realize this. I didn’t do a lot at ole Beacon…answered a few calls, paged my husband when he was off in the warehouse, booked our hotel for Nashville in September. Again, an awesome wife who buys George Straight and Reba tickets in Nashville for his birthday. Okay, I’ll admit, I sort of bought those for me too. But, isn’t marriage about two becoming one? If we’re both reaping the benefits then it’s okay by me! Plus, in reality, we may never have to chance to see them again…especially together. Oh, he must love the realist inside me.

That afternoon, it was on Ryan’s agenda to mow the jungle that had become our yard. Thanks to rain and our abundance of DVR’ed shows, our yard could almost produce a bale of hay. Our luck, the lawn mower wouldn’t start, so we headed over to mom and dad’s to get their old one. Much to Ryan’s surprise, dad was letting him take the new zero turn mower. It was seriously like a little kid on Christmas morning. I could just see the excitement in his eyes and by the smile on his face. When we got home, he had to back it up and get it off the trailer. I honestly wish I had a video camera to have evidence of his struggle getting it down. Think Austin Powers, driving the little car forward, backward, left, right, repeat. Shear hilarity. I was already walking back to the house, but turned around to witness it and luckily I did. After the cycle, I think he realized he wasn’t getting it down that easily and he needed my help. Thank goodness for me, right? He’d still be trying to get that thing down today… Once our yard that usually takes about 45 minutes was mowed in about 15-20, I knew that a zero-turn mower would be next on our list of things to purchase…and I was right. At least he realizes that we can wait a little while until we build our house and have a big enough yard to justify it. Once he was finished, I wanted to drive it. So I loaded up, got basic instructions and took off. Poor Ryan has no faith in me and machinery apparently. He literally sprinted around on my left side ensuring that I didn’t ram into either of the vehicles. No faith at all!! He should know I am a pro…and have common sense. To his surprise, I didn’t destroy the cars, or the mower. Just wait until it’s our own, I will be the lawn mowing queen. . . Yah right.

We had a good, but long Sunday. We went to church and then headed to Havana. We spent the day visiting with my father-in-law, Ryan’s aunt and cousins. It was such a good time sitting around listening to stories and getting to eat some great food. Anytime there are two desserts to choose from, I’m pumped…and both times when ate with his cousin Crystal that has been the deal. Ahh, I love it. And Pina Colada pie is delicious!!

From there, we went and picked up our baby at Mimi and Papaw’s. He was ready to go home…or maybe it was me. I was beyond tired and knew I had to go home and read. What a bummer. At least I got my chapter in, Ryan got to scope out some deer, and Marley, well, Marley got beat up in the truck according to daddy. See if I ever let him go looking for deer with the boys, if getting knocked down and beat up by the steering wheel is all that happens.

So, happy Monday. Time to start looking forward to another exciting weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Because it's Thursday.

These are my beautiful flowers that my ever loving husband had sent to me at work. He scored some major brownie points because he wasn't even in the dog house. How awesome is that? Pretty if you ask me... These are "because it's Thursday" flowers...and because he wants me to have a great day.

I started school again last honestly is no fun. However, there are few things that I have realized in starting school again. Let me share.

First, my husband is a 8 year old hiding out in a 28 year old's body. No lie. Strangely, before we met he was completely able to clean his dishes, cook, do laundry, clean the house, etc. All those lovely household chores that he has had to stop doing since we met a little over a year and a half ago. Strangely, he has forgotten how to fold clothes and even how to put them away. It's quite funny. I'm not sure if it's that he has forgotten or if he's just not accustomed to washing and putting away not only his, but a girl's as well. Actually, I know he isn't. I am the first girl that he cohabitated with so I know that it's a complete shock. He is adjusting just fine.

Second, he is an even better husband that I gave him credit for. If I want something done--refer to the above paragraph--he jumps up and does it almost instantly. Just ask and you will receive when you are the wife of Ryan Davis...and he doesn't like to say I am a princess. Ha! Really, he does a great job doing the chores each night while I am studying. I could not be any more thankful for him.

Third, he is very helpful when it comes to taking online tests. He is right there helping me look up answers. He tells me he likes helping me. I secretly like to think that the inner nerd that is buried deep down is trying to escape. Not to mention, he told me that he wanted a book. A book?! Music to my eara. I will have to buy him this book. Even if I do buy it for him, read it for him, and tell him what's up with it. Either way, it is his book and it will have a very nice home nestle between my books on my bookshelf.

Fourth, he was not foolish for going to bed past 11 just about every night. I used to have a very set routine. Go to sleep at 10, wake up at nearly 7. This was my pattern for as long as I can remember. As of school starting, I go to bed about 11 or later and wake up at 6:30. I have so much more energy. So it has come to my conclusion that I was getting more sleep that necessary. I feel spectacular during the day. This could be a result of less sleep on top of working out again. I love working out. Very much...I also love having a husband that works out with me and tells me what to do with free weights. We are an amazing pair. There is no doubt about that. I am on my way to being a skinny minnie. Working on my pre-baby figure I like to think. It'll be motivation for when we actual do get to experience that and that is my goal. Patience though, that's what we both tell each other.

Fifth, I could not have chosen a better husband.

I love my life...every little bit of it. And Boston, I'm sorry you didn't win...Anyone but the Lakers would have been nice. There, the only NBA talk of the year for me. Football, I know you are just around the corner, and I welcome you with open arms.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey Chigger!

I have a new nickname...thanks to my dear husband. Hello, my name is Chigger. I like camping, canoeing, and awkward situations. For Memorial Day weekend, we went and floated the Crooked Creek with a ton of great people. It is officially the Davis' favorite creek, hands down. There is just something about it that we adore and we hope to get on it plenty more times this summer. Next weekend, we will be participating in the annual Milam trout fishing trip! I love, love, love to do some fishing, especially trout. I'm not quite sure if it's because I am the better fisherperson of the two of us or not. I don't think that's really the case. If Ryan did happen to beat me I would still love me some fishing...but also be a mega-pouty pants.
I had time the other day to read some of my old notes on Facebook...they were pure entertainment. I realized that my life used to be a lot, what shall I say, interesting. I had a lot of wild and crazy moments and I talked about them, made fun of them, etc. It was funny stuff. Now? Now I am an old married lady. I do old married stuff. Like what? My plans for Friday nights used to go something like this-- text all the girls, figure out what we're wearing so that we're not twinkies, figure out the game plan, head out about 10, and waste away the night. That was it, every weekend. Now, I sit here with the love of my life on a Friday night, watching tv...only after we came home from dinner and doing a little bit of shopping, and cleaning the house top to bottom. We actually will probably crawl in bed by 10 like we do every night, and do some pillow talk. Ha, yah right. Not tonight. We have to be up entirely too early to head to Camden to see some family. Either way, this is our life. It is exactly what we want to be doing.
Married life is the best. It's the best feeling that your going to spend your life with your best friend. You always have them there for you. I lubb it.
Last night, we ventured to Ft. Smith to pick up our wedding pictures which are a-mazing. We are so pleased with them. I had perma-grin looking at them, like I do every time I look at them. Ahh, love my life. We also went to the Old Fort Days will without a doubt become a tradition for me and Bunney. We had a ton of fun. It actually made me wish Bunney was still a cowboy. Haha, he is such a cutie when he rides a horse. True story. I've decided our kids are going to grow up around horses and be really comfortable around them. Well, if they choose that I should say. The great thing about us, is that we've agreed on how we are going to raise our kids, the way we are going to discipline them and so on. It's nice, knowing that will never be an issue with us.
So, I'm hoping that I actually keep up with my blog a little better now that wedding jazz and honeymoon planning have simmered down. Although, taking 12 hours this summer at Tech and working 40 hours may be a little rough. Thank goodness I have a super husband who has vowed to cook, clean, anything for Momma while I'm in school again. See, he totally rocks. I couldn't have asked for a better person for me. One who keeps me balanced, keeps me sane, and keeps me happy as a clam.
Until next time-- Chigger.
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