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Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey Chigger!

I have a new nickname...thanks to my dear husband. Hello, my name is Chigger. I like camping, canoeing, and awkward situations. For Memorial Day weekend, we went and floated the Crooked Creek with a ton of great people. It is officially the Davis' favorite creek, hands down. There is just something about it that we adore and we hope to get on it plenty more times this summer. Next weekend, we will be participating in the annual Milam trout fishing trip! I love, love, love to do some fishing, especially trout. I'm not quite sure if it's because I am the better fisherperson of the two of us or not. I don't think that's really the case. If Ryan did happen to beat me I would still love me some fishing...but also be a mega-pouty pants.
I had time the other day to read some of my old notes on Facebook...they were pure entertainment. I realized that my life used to be a lot, what shall I say, interesting. I had a lot of wild and crazy moments and I talked about them, made fun of them, etc. It was funny stuff. Now? Now I am an old married lady. I do old married stuff. Like what? My plans for Friday nights used to go something like this-- text all the girls, figure out what we're wearing so that we're not twinkies, figure out the game plan, head out about 10, and waste away the night. That was it, every weekend. Now, I sit here with the love of my life on a Friday night, watching tv...only after we came home from dinner and doing a little bit of shopping, and cleaning the house top to bottom. We actually will probably crawl in bed by 10 like we do every night, and do some pillow talk. Ha, yah right. Not tonight. We have to be up entirely too early to head to Camden to see some family. Either way, this is our life. It is exactly what we want to be doing.
Married life is the best. It's the best feeling that your going to spend your life with your best friend. You always have them there for you. I lubb it.
Last night, we ventured to Ft. Smith to pick up our wedding pictures which are a-mazing. We are so pleased with them. I had perma-grin looking at them, like I do every time I look at them. Ahh, love my life. We also went to the Old Fort Days will without a doubt become a tradition for me and Bunney. We had a ton of fun. It actually made me wish Bunney was still a cowboy. Haha, he is such a cutie when he rides a horse. True story. I've decided our kids are going to grow up around horses and be really comfortable around them. Well, if they choose that I should say. The great thing about us, is that we've agreed on how we are going to raise our kids, the way we are going to discipline them and so on. It's nice, knowing that will never be an issue with us.
So, I'm hoping that I actually keep up with my blog a little better now that wedding jazz and honeymoon planning have simmered down. Although, taking 12 hours this summer at Tech and working 40 hours may be a little rough. Thank goodness I have a super husband who has vowed to cook, clean, anything for Momma while I'm in school again. See, he totally rocks. I couldn't have asked for a better person for me. One who keeps me balanced, keeps me sane, and keeps me happy as a clam.
Until next time-- Chigger.

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