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Friday, August 31, 2012

Gulf Shores Day 2

We woke up Sunday morning to beautiful weather. Mom made us breakfast and we headed down to the beach. He was cracking us up because he seriously wore that hat and sunglasses for what seemed like an entire hour. He was all about wearing it!
Jason's camera got most of the pictures from this day. I wish I had taken a bit more but I'm waiting for him to upload his.
After some beach time, mom, dad, Jason, and Ryan went on a golfing trip. I was plum tired and praying Wyatt would take a little nap so I could rest too. They left about 11 and so Wyatt and I ate some lunch and then settled in to hopefully take a nap. Playing at the beach that morning must have done the job because he went to sleep quickly and I got sleep too! I groaned an hour later when I heard him start rustling around knowing nap time was over. I got him out of the pack-n-play and put him in bed with me where we slept for 2 more hours. I could not be more thankful for that 3 hour nap, especially since I was watching the baby on my own. The timing worked out perfect because I got a shower, dressed, and on the road to head to a restaurant to meet the others.
We ate at Flippers and it was soo yummy! After dinner we came back home and hung out before heading back down to the beach. Mimi stayed behind to play with Wyatt and when I came back at 8 she proceeded to give him and bath and rock him to sleep. It always amazes me how quickly she can get him to sleep. It must be a grandma thing because Wyatt never goes to bed that quick for us.
I didn't stay up long becaus you guessed it...I was worn out. Pregnancy is so much harder with a toddler to chase around!!
We kept an eye on the weather and knew we had one more day to enjoy!

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