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Friday, August 31, 2012

Gulf Shores Day 1

Last Friday night we headed to the beach. We were a little skeptical since Tropical Storm Isaac was also headed directly to Gulf Shores as well. We had already paid for the condo, knew we would have at least 3 days of good weather so we opted to go ahead for Wyatt's first beach trip!
He did soo good traveling down there. Traveling at night is the absolute best. Ryan probably loved it because I wasn't having to bother him to stop and pee since I was snoozing away. I took over driving for a couple of hours when the sun started coming up. We arrived a little before noon, went to eat lunch, and then crashed. Once we woke up, we got ready to head down to the beach.
Wyatt just took it all in when we first got down there.
He had to get a better look so we opted to remove his sunglasses. He is seriously such a little boy now and not a baby. (Sad face.)

He absolutely loved the beach!! He and daddy are such buds.

I believe the waves were his favorite part. He would run down to them and when they started to come ashore he would hightail it out of there. It was so much fun watching him. We got plenty of laughs of out him.
His other favorite part was sitting there waiting for the waves to wash in while he was sitting next to us or in our laps. This was the same facial expression he would have every time. He also said "Ohhh" just about everytime too.
Once the sun went down we headed in to eat supper at the condo. We finally got Wyatt to bed. He wasn't really ready to go to bed and was out of sorts. We were waiting for my parents to arrive (along with the pack and play). Wyatt was asleep about 30 minutes before they did get there and I didn't hang out long once they did arrive. I was super tired and the bed was calling my name.

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