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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fantasy Football

Friday night Ryan set off for his annual Fantasy Football draft. Naturally, I did the whole "woe is me" script that I have basically perfected. I mean I have to give a little bit of a hard time about "abandoning his family" to go have "a weekend of fun while I slave in the house and take care of our child." I never claimed to not be dramatic. In all honesty though, I don't mind when he leaves for this each year. A couple nights by myself getting to eat pizza, watch girly movies, and sleep in? Sign me up. Wyatt had the pleasure of spending the night with his Mimi so I could have an actual "free" night too. It worked out well. I got to watch Friends with Kids, The Sitter, and New Years Eve. The only one worthwhile was the first one. I shed quite a number of tears, but we will simply blame that on pregnancy hormones.

Ryan apparently had a good night too--Get him around a bunch of guys, a couple of drinks in him, and he suddenly channels his inner 50 Cent and believes he can rock a straight bill.

One day he will learn.

Saturday I hung out at mom and dad's and we waited for them to feed us. They did. It was good of course.

After we got home, I gave Wyatt his bath, and put him to bed. He was such a sweetheart to go to bed within 10 minutes of rocking him. Yep, we still rock out baby to "chill" mode before laying him in his bed to go to sleep. I started watching The Hunger Games and about 20 minutes before it was over I swear someone was outside my door tormenting me.

I thought it was the end.

I normally don't get scared staying by myself. I mean, I have to stay about 1 night alone each month and I do well. Sure I hear the "extra" stuff each night but it's nothing that has me texting my mom, my brother, my neighbor, and my husband.

I kept hearing a thumping sound outside the door. Initially I thought it was Laney's tail hitting the door or the wind knocking my wreath. When I got up to check those two guesses out (see I'm not a chicken) I realized immediately that it was not either. That's when I got a little creeped out. I left the porch light on after that and went to check on the baby who was still peacefully snoozing. This is when every light in the house got turned on and I sat froze in the recliner just listening to the noise while telling Ryan how freaked out I was. He called me and I was on the verge of tears. The noise didn't happen once while I was on the phone with Ryan, but once I hung up I heard it again. My brother even called me and after we got off the phone it stopped. I would swear up and down that someone was watching me, intentionally freaking me out. Ryan decided to come home (I'm not mean- I don't him he didn't need to, but he insisted. Luckily, he was already in bed and the guys weekend was basically over so I wasn't tearing him away from fun fun.) My brother so nicely came over and sat with me the 15-20 minutes before Ryan made it home. He checked out the outside of my house and we even tried to re-create the sounds I had heard.  (Today, my mom told me that he came over because "he didn't want anything to happen the baby" and by baby I do not mean me. Ha!)

Ryan made it home and Jason left and I kept on and on about how someone was out to kill me. Seriously, I said I thought it was the end. I even told Ryan what my plan was if someone did try and come in my house.

I'm still not sure what the sound was. All I know is that it totally weired me out and I will most likely be spending the night at my parents on those nights that Ryan is gone.

Today we let the baby drive the truck- hilarious! He learned to say Mommy. Mommm-meee. I absolutely adore it and think it is the most precious thing ever. We are currently watching the Steelers and Colts. The Steelers are our defense. Yes, it's our team. Hope we do as good as last year! We got second, but this year I am hoping for 1st.


  1. The noise would freak me out! Glad you got a night to yourself and that Ryan was able to come home! (:

  2. You're more brave than me. I absolutely hate staying by myself!!!

  3. I would have been freaked out too!


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