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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

This little bundle is what welcomes us home every Friday afternoon. How can your weekend be bad when it starts off with kisses from this baby? He actually spent Friday night with us instead of at Mimi and Papaw's but ended up going there Saturday night. They missed him!

Friday night we went to rent a couple movies, but only ventured to Hastings because the hubby needed a Fantasy Football Magazine. Big deal people...Ryan is participating in two FF leagues. Watch out! The two movies we decided to curl up and watch were Leap Year and Law Abiding Citizen. Leap Year got about 1.5 stars (out of 5), but Law Abiding Citizen got about a 7! It was awesome...and yes, I know it came out last October or something like that, but wow. Amazing. It is probably the best movie I've seen in a loooong time. Go watch it if you haven't! Friday night was a crazy night...I think we made it to almost 1:00 in the am. Ouch.

Saturday we had a mission: find a birthday present for a one year old, eat some delicious lunch, and get a smoothie.

We succeeded at lunch at Logan's and I got my beloved Sweet Peach Tea. Good sweet tea is hard to come by, and when you add Peach flavoring even more so. But, in case you are wondering may I suggest to you: 1. Catfish 'N's sweet tea 2. Logan's Peach sweet tea, 3. Stoby's sweet tea, and 4. Sonic's Peach sweet tea. Only in that order though! You can't go wrong!

We succeed at the gift...I love buying baby girl clothes...any baby clothes for that matter...but girls are sooo much cuter! I forgot to take a picture of what we However, it was black leggings with a ruffle skirt attached, black and white striped shirt, and a red plaid shirt. Too cute. Yes, if we have a little girl she will be the belle of the ball.

Then...then, we got our beloved Smoothie King. Immune builder and a light and fluffy. Yummmm! We can never leave Conway without it!!!

Yup, we get excited over the little things.

Oh my light and fluffy!
We also (finally) found us a globe!!! We went into a store in Seattle that had nothing but globes and maps and decided we needed one, but not a $500 one. Behold, our little jewel.

Today, we ventured to Bella's first birthday party! We are on our way here...and yes, as someone pointed out in church this morning, we look like we are supporting LSU. Don't be fooled, we aren't.

Bella's cake... Whooo's turning one?

I was too busy enjoying birthday cake and holding a baby to take good pictures of her messy little face! But, no lie...strawberry birthday cake is phenomenal. Try it.

We had a great weekend with many exciting things!! We live an absolutely blessed life!

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