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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Since becoming pregnant, I’ve gone through a couple of break-ups. No, not with my husband (he’s stuck with me for life), but with many other loves of mine.

Diet Pepsi: I’ve shared a love with you for years now. For nearly 5 years I’ve drank only one “coke” a day and it has always been a Diet Pepsi. Granted there were days when my beloved Pepsi, as it is so often called because the important people know it’s a Diet Pepsi, was not consumed but instead Sweet Tea took its place. One coke a day? Yes, and usually at lunch. I’m weird I suppose but it was just enough caffeine to get me through the day. Now, since the baby is on its way, Pepsi is no longer my friend. We’ve gone our separate ways. I love Pepsi from a can. Love it. I can’t stand it from a bottle for it is too fizzy and hate it from a glass. I want it out of a can with a straw. The only way I can drink it and enjoy it. Now, I can’t stand it from a can and when I get the urge to drink one it’s only a few sips. Such a waste of not only a can but a straw as well! Now, when I crave a Pepsi (which is a rarity) and absolutely have to have one it must be from a fountain. That’s the only way I can enjoy it and I really, really enjoy it. I only get mediums and since most of it is ice I don’t get to enjoy near as much as I want. Yet, it is just satisfying enough. When the nurse practitioner asked how much caffeine I consumed I said one coke a day she said I could have two servings a day while pregnant. Two. I just smiled at Ryan for he had approved of my dislike for my can Pepsis already and didn’t want me drinking any at all. But now…now, I had the “okay” to get a Pepsi when I felt I needed one…like maybe once a week. Sad.

Sleep: Yes, it is true I’ve had a mini break-up with sleep. I call it a “mini” because I am in bed ready to get some sleep by 9:30 usually every night. Ryan comes and lays down with me for at least 10-15 minutes so we can get some last minute bonding in for the day and before he tells me goodnight and he lubbs me. It’s our routine, probably dumb to most, but nonetheless ours. I am out as soon as he leaves the room and I never know what time he comes to bed, which is usually about 10:30-11:00 is what he tells me each morning. I always ask what time he does because I keep thinking I will remember him coming to bed, but never do. Yet, at 2:00 on the dot I am wide awake ready to potty. This peeing at 2:00 is ridiculous. I know exactly what time it is every time I get that little urge to get out of bed. I am practically asleep those 2-3 minutes I am out of bed and Ryan always asks “Honey, are you okay?” from the bedroom. (He’s so concerned it’s adorable.) I always sleepily reply, “Yeesss” all drawn out and sluggish. Then I get back in bed and am out even quicker than before. It is so annoying that I do this every night, but I absolutely cherish it. I know it’s for the baby so it’s A-Ok with me!

Dinner: Dinner has become a thing of the past for me. Ryan and I usually eat supper around 6:30-7:00, which was after we both got home and kind of decided who was cooking what according to the menu. Well now, when I get home from work at 5:15ish I am starving. Starving so bad I don’t think I can make it really. Therefore I munch on something just enough to “get me through it.” This leads to Ryan getting home a little after me, starving as well and me not being hungry…which leads to us pushing “dinner” back because 1. I can’t cook. 2. Ryan’s too tired to cook without me usually or can’t decide what he wants. 3. Food seems to make me more nauseous in the evening. 4. I’m crashed on the couch catching up on rest. It’s so sad that we can’t have cooked dinners together where we are both sitting down eating the same thing anymore. I hope my disgust for most foods passes soon. Second trimester, I am being an optimist.

Puny nails: I quit getting my nails done months ago to let my nails “breathe” from the acrylic and to strengthen back up before I started getting them done again. My nails since then have grown back like they usually do- a little stronger but still kept really short. Now, my nails are fantastic. Long and strong without any assistance from an acrylic coating! I love it! Thank you, prenatal vitamins. (I immediately started taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid when I got off birth control which I recommend to everyone.)

Smooth legs: Yes, I shave my legs every night at 9:00 and by 6:30 every morning they are prickly. Ouch. Again, thank you prenatal vitamins.

Normal bras: It is true. I have to invest in new (bigger) bras. At 8 weeks. Already? Yes I am petite and yes I was blessed thanks to what my mom and I believe is my Granny from my dad’s side, but really? It’s out of control. Ryan loves it…and shockingly shamefully I do as well. Yes, if I ever get a boob job I want them to look just like they do right now.

Not all my break-ups are terrible…in fact, some are great…it’s just a part of pregnancy and I love it. Ryan and I love watching my body change and the changes that I am going through. It’s so fun knowing that it’s all because of the little baby that we formed and that I am growing. It is such an exciting time!

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  1. Haha... LOVE THE POST!!
    The "ladies" are only going to get bigger and you are about to experience some porn star nipples as well! HA...
    My potty schedule is usually on the dot at night and never changes... It just gets worse the farther along you get! Buy stock in toilet paper now!
    I highly recommend the "Snoogle"... it's a pregnancy pillow that is pretty awesome... I do find myself sleeping sitting up though the bigger I get!
    Just wait until you experience discharge... and I don't mean you're being sent home! It's pretty GROSS and gets worse!

    We go through ALL of this for a PRECIOUS child and wouldn't change it for the world!!!
    Oh and enjoy your Diet Pepsi! I haven't had a caffeine drink in years... So apple juice and water it is! HA


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