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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Early birthday

Classic quotes for the past weekend we just spent in Nashville, TN for Ryan's 29th birthday:

"I figure I need to find a car wash and wash the cow shit off my boots. I figure I'm going to see tons of celebrities and I'm going to have them sign my boots and then sell them on Ebay." -Hubby entering Nashville city limits

"Seriously, I just unbuttoned my pants so I can breathe." -Wifey eating dinner at the Cheesecake Factory

I bought George Strait (and Reba) tickets for Ryan for his 29th birthday. He has always wanted to see the King of Country Music so what better way to spend an (early) birthday weekend than in Nashville, TN. We had such a great time! My dearest love was so accomodating to his little pregnant wife. Friday night we went to the mall and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was our first time to eat there but definitely will not be the last. The only sad part was that we didn't get any dessert. None. Who does that?! This couple apparently. For one, we had entirely too much for our actual entree and two, momma doesn't like sweets anymore. Sad, sad, sad. However, we vow to return with an appetite, desire for sweets, and the baby!

On Saturday, we got up and ventured downtown. Our hotel was about a 5 minute walk downtown so it was awesome! We had breakfast with a couple in Alaska who were from Nashville and we asked them a couple places to eat. Preferably BBQ since that's our thing and they suggested Jack's. Mission for Saturday: eat lunch at Jack's. Mission complete. It was soo yummy! The best part about this trip to Nashville was the I was actually able to eat and get full. That's a feeling I haven't felt in a really long time. After lunch, this little momma needed a nap. So we headed back to the hotel for a nap so I could recharge. After an hour of sleeping on my hubby's tummy while he watched baseball my battery was charged and I was ready to go again. We did a little more shopping, bound and determined to buy momma some cowboy boots. We found a $1,000 pair that looked spectacular on my feet (so said the sales lady) but opted not to splurge since Ryan said it'd be my "birthday present." Um, pass. I'd rather drop a lot more money on something that will actually get put to more use. So, we decided to drop $50 at an early dinner at Hard Rock Cafe instead. We always make it a point to go into Hard Rock if there is one...just 'cause.

Waiting for the concert to start.

My Reba

We then went home and got ready for the concert. It was sooo much fun. The highlight for me was Reba leaving and then returning to sing Fancy. I told Ryan as soon as I bought that tickets that seeing her sing Fancy was my only wish. Oh, and that he have a good time. Ryan really enjoyed George Strait...and while George is awesome he is painfully boring. However, like Ryan said he's just that good. He doesn't have to put on a show. (But for this lady it would have been nice if he did.) The concert started at 7 and went on until 11:40ish. Long, long time and I was exhausted and ready for bed. We left the stadium and I had promised the hubs we would "go out" afterwards. But, once we took the few steps and go on the bar and restaurant strip we were immediately turned off. With two different college football teams in town and the Titans playing at home on Sunday it was a mad house. Ryan quickly opted to return back to the hotel for bed... I didn't put up an argument.

Sunday we had breakfast at the Pancake Pantry for the huge line, but like Google told me, it moves really fast. We were in line for 40 minutes and ate and left within 20. They have amazing pancakes and the fluffiest eggs. So, so yummy.

Here is the line for the Pancake Pantry once we left right at 11.

Nashville was so much fun and Ryan assured me he had a great early birthday. I even tried really, really hard to not be a Debbie Downer the whole weekend and I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself! Now, to see if the hubs can top my birthday gift!

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