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Thursday, November 15, 2012

19 months old

At 19 months you:

-Weigh 30 lbs

-Wearing 24 month pants, 2T-3T tops, and size 8.5 shoes

- Take one nap a day that is 2-3 hours

-Sleep 11-12 hours a night

-Have taken quite an interest in Marley. You LOVE to aggravate him and he secretly adores the attention. You two play keep away every night and no matter how many times we watch you two we always crack up. You get soo angry when Marley steals it from you. Very angry.

-You LOVE school!

-You added a few words to your vocabulary. My favorite is thank you.

-You are still signing more, milk, and please. I've seriously got to get "more please" on video because of how fast you "say" it.

-You can identify something that's blue and you say "bew." Your little voice is music to my ears.

-Mommy or momma is heard most often in our house. Along with puppy of course. You call for me or ask me for things- mommy, mommy, mommy and Ryan always says you just love that dont you and my answer is always yes!

-You had your first ear infection this month and it was not fun at all. Regardless, I am SO thankful it took you 19 months to get sick for the first time.

-You favorite toys are Scout, your 4 wheeler, and the laundry.

-You still have 12 teeth and don't mind them being brushed. You cooperate a whole heck of a lot better for me than you do your daddy when it comes to it.

-We are preparing to get rid of the paxi before Sister gets here. Wah Wah

-You are starting to throw little fits that consist of laying down on the ground crying like it's the end of the world. Our solution: We let you cry it right on out. You quickly realize that gets you no where and you stop.

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