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Monday, November 19, 2012

First time Wyatt brought me flowers

Today I turned 27 years old.

Today was the first time my son brought me flowers.


I don't think I will ever forget this day for as long as I live.


I'm not a "flowers" type of girl. Honestly have never been. Last night Ryan said he had a surprise for me today and I asked him to give me a hint, per usual, and he said if he did I would know exactly what it was. A few minutes I said you better not send me flowers! I had guessed right. He said he wasn't going to anymore, since I would have been ticked at the waste of money.

We had plans to go out to dinner with Wyatt, but my day quickly went to poo when a nasty sinus headache snuck up on me and lasted I asked Ryan if we could just do lunch since dinner plans seemed dreadful and he of course said yes. We lunched at Stoby's and I'm sure people there thought we were mid-breakup by the way my eyes watered up the entire time and I just wasn't much for conversation. Possum pie did make it a little better! Ha!

Ryan had to pick up some things at the store (read: my birthday cards from him and Wyatt) after work so while we waited for him to get home Uncle Jason came to give me my birthday present and play with Wyatt. Here we are wasting time waiting on daddy...every time I said, "say cheese!" he would just show me his belly.

Ryan got home and the next thing I know I'm walking out of Wyatt's room and here comes my sweet precious little boy carrying a bouquet half the size of him to his adoring mommy. I wanted to die right then. Something about Wyatt carrying me flowers is something I will never, ever forget. He handed them right to me and he seemed so big. I think he picked up on how proud I was of him.
I am so happy that Ryan didn't waste money having flowers sent to me, but instead opted to have the littlest love of my life hand deliver them to me. I just tear up seeing this picture. It's absolutely perfect to me.
I had a wonderful 27th birthday. Thank you to all my family that gave me such wonderful presents!!

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