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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Favorite Number? in weeks.

My favorite number growing up and to this day has always been 15. Don't ask me why because I simply couldn't tell was just one of those things that has evolved and stuck with me. Growing up playing sports I was always number 15. This past Friday marked our 15 week pregnancy mark!! I can't believe that we are this far along. We had an appointment on Wednesday and heard that precious little heartbeat again. I just love hearing it! We will go back on November 19th to find out if we will have a little Sarah or a little Ryan running around our house! That is also my 25th birthday!!! And, birthdays are my absolute favorite celebration!! We knew that our next 4 week appointment would fall the week of my birthday so we we went to schedule one we hoped that the Dr. would be in on that Friday and would have an opening and luckily he did! So, hopefully baby Davis won't take after either of his/her parents and won't be stubborn!! Here is my little belly at 15 weeks:

How far along? 15 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain: +3 total

Maternity clothes? No, but once I eat I have to bust out the pony tail holder or have unbottoned pants

Sleep: The Snoogle is my best friend.

Best moment this week: Scheduling the gender reveal u/s for my birthday.

Movement: I thought I felt a little movement on Friday night, but quickly decided it was not.

Gender: Still thinking a girl and becoming more and more okay with it!

Labor Signs: Thankfully, no still.

Belly Button in or out? In! But, it is beginning to stretch out a bit. Gross.

Cravings: None...just a fan of cheese.

What I miss: Breathing easily after a meal and long breaks between potty time.

Weekly Wisdom: No matter your pre-baby size document that growth!! Everytime I add new pictures we look at my "4 week" picture and ooh and aww.

Milestones: Looking pregnant and not chubby!

Friday night we went to Fayetteville to stay with some friends since we were going to the Hogs game on Saturday. After eating in Ft. Smith and arriving close to 9 I instantly crashed once we arrived. Once I showered and actually got into bed I suddenly realized that my husband was right. it pains me to admit that! He suggested I bring the Snoogle and I simply said no, it'll be okay. WRONG. I didn't realize that I was the dependent on it. I know I'm not that big, but for my normal size, but belly is huge...and heavy when I lay on my side. Like I told Ryan, it feels like a 10 lb weight is holding my tummy down. This, my friends, is why I must have my Snoogle. It is the perfect support for me and I know it will continue to be as I grow. I had three pillows propped up around me and tossed and turned all night. I was not a happy camper, but I didn't really complain about it. It was my own fault for not listening. Oh well. Lesson learned: Always bring the Snoogle on overnight trips from now on.

We had fun at the game despite the 2 rain delays. I've never been to a game where there was rain delays, but I can tell you they are no where near as enjoyable as when you are watching a game at home. News flash: you don't get to start watching a new game that the tv stations decides to start broadcasting or even flip to something of your choice. Also, you can't do little things around your house until your game comes back on. What do you do? (Luckily we have indoor seating so we didn't have to evacuate the stands twice...) You sit there, you visit, you stand a little, you get some food, you visit a little more, you hover around the tvs with everyone else, you people watch, and if you are pregnant you get extremely grumpy because you know this is only prolonging the fact that you won't get supper for that much longer. Sigh... I was only mean to Ryan once during all this... I know it wasn't his fault, but I had to take it out on someone for a second. Thank goodness he is a trooper and really does love me! So, I got over my pity-party and continued to cheer on the Hogs until the end. This is when disaster occurred. It would be our luck that once the game finished the gates decided to open and the rain started falling. Violently. Okay, maybe it wasn't really that bad, but when you are being spoiled sitting inside the duration on the game and being perfectly dry and knowing that you have to walk a ways to get to your vehicle it seems terrible. Thank goodness we were able to buy $12 ponchos, or trashbags with Razorbacks on them, to save the day. We got a good laugh and it was memorable for us to be splashing through the water all the way back to the car. We finally got to eat dinner and we loved that the Papasan's chose BBQ! Our fave! It was extremely good and we started our way back home. Long, long day and we were so happy to be home, but we loved the little trip. Today, we had an absolute lazy Sunday---the best!!

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