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Saturday, October 16, 2010

October is...

I love the month of October for numerous reasons...

I always look forward to getting my Fall decorations out. I'm not entirely sure if it's because I enjoy them as much as I should or whether it's that Christmas is that much closer. I got my decorations out at the beginning of the month. I bought this wreath for our door and I love it because it is so woodsy.

My absolute favorite part of Fall decor is mums! Last year Ryan bought me three but this year I settled for well as my pumpkins. Farmer Dan can always expect us to be visiting during the beginning of cooler weather to pick a few of these ups. But, he will probably start seeing us a lot more now that I have found a great love in their apples!

October reminds me of a lot of things: cool crisp weather, candy (which I don't eat anymore), pumpkins, mums, scarecrows, leaves, cool nights with the windows open, and little black cats. Or, in our case, gray. Meet Bobby...our newest outside addition.

Yes, I got the typical curled back kitty that you normally see near Halloween. This past Thursday my boss was taking 5 little babies to the pound. Sad, sad discovery for me. I'm a sucker for animals and my husband is fully aware of it. When they are going to the pound I'm even more sensitive. I'm a fan of no-kill facilities and I understand that not all animals can be saved. Ryan promised me I could have an outside cat when we moved to Dardanelle and built our house. I was holding on to that because I really wanted an outside cat for the simple fact that we would need a mouser. Ryan agreed and that's all I needed. I could not let all the little babies be sentenced to murder so I adopted one and brought it home. He is our little baby. Ryan is not a fan of cats. So he thought...Bobby is gradually growing on him as he is me. I know that he has been given a much better home. Luckily he has never known anything other than being outside so I think it's been an easy transition for him. He's a doll!

Even Marley likes him!

Last night we went to Little Rock for dinner and to buy some baby outfits for friends. Red Lobster was where this little momma wanted to eat so we did...while I enjoyed the numerous facial expressions that my hubs made while cracking his crab legs.

After dinner we went to the mall where we bought some cute little outfits. I'm so ready to found out if we will be buying girly or boyish stuff. I've held off buying anything for the baby yet. Except for my diaper bag, of course. The only thing really baby related is the Bella Band that I've had to buy to start holding up my pants. The baby is a growing as is mommy!

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