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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday Laughs

1. I gave Wyatt a cookie and he dropped some big crumbs on the floor he said uh-oh, went to get the broom and then started sweeping them up. I helped with the dust pan, but I am going to have such a big helper when Claire arrives!

2. We were at some friend's house when they were showing Wyatt the "puppies." They told the dogs to sit and lay down as Wyatt proceeded to follow the commands as well. It was too funny seeing him lay down next a big German Shepherd.

3. If you ask Wyatt if he has stinky in his pants and you go to check and he doesn't he loudly exclaims nope!

4. He woke up sick Wednesday morning and was pitiful. By Thursday morning he still was sick and Ryan and I went to check on him. I left the room to go get something for Wyatt and in the most pitiful crying voice he said mommm meeee! Yah, I love having a momma's boy!

5. I love the new words Wyatt tries to say and that you never know what word he will try to repeat. This week my favorite word he tried was "supper." I think Mimi ate it up too when we had "supper" with them and he shared his latest word.

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  1. You are so lucky that he "sweeps" or attempts to clean up. If Zane drops something, he will say uh-oh and move on,lol! Supper, so cute how he says that all the time. Mommy's boys are the absolute best, aren't they. Such cute laughs!


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