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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bumpdate #2- week 38

Week 38
Total weight gain: 28 lbs. I'm getting pretty massive, pretty quick.

Maternity clothes? Oh yes..and if I could live in pajama pants and oversized tshirts I totally would.

Sleep: I'm sleeping okay. It's pretty painful downstairs turning over. It totally sucks. Thank goodness it wasn't like this with Wyatt.
Best moment this week: I got checked last Friday (one day before I was 38 weeks) and I was 3-4cm and 50% effaced.

Movement: She is barely moving. I really hate it and I shake my belly to get her to move just to know she's okay.
Gender: It's a girl! Claire Elizabeth!

Labor Signs: I'm having sporadic contractions which totally stinks. I had them for an hour Sunday morning but then they started fading. It hurts so bad down there. Getting up and down hurts. Walking hurts. Everything just hurts.

Belly Button in or out? In, but it's really getting smooth.

Cravings: I still like food, but I feel absolutely crummy after I eat.
What I miss: Working out and being skinny.

Milestones: My bag is now packed. We. Are. Ready.



  1. Can't wait for you all to have her! :)

  2. I have a feeling you will have her this weekend! Being 1/3 of the way there the other day at your apt is fantastic. (I never made it to 3 cm on my own, ever and was always given pitocin...the devil's medicine!)

    Wishing you a safe delivery.

    Oh and Wyatt peeking in the pic, ADORABLE!

  3. Good Luck! Prayers for quick and healthy labor & baby!!


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