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Friday, January 4, 2013

Saturday Laughs

1. Wyatt's latest thing is to remove his shoes while in the car. He gets ticked when he can't get his shoes off. This day, he managed to get the shoe  and sock off. He then proceeded to suck on his toe.
2. He stole sissy's baby. We were leaving and I asked him which baby he wanted to take. Scout goes on just about every car ride, but he refused to give up both of them.
3. I mentioned Scout went on almost all road trips. He doesn't always ride the correct way, but nonetheless he rides.
4. It was quiet in the house and so I went to check on Wyatt. I found him with his toy box empty. At least I lucked out and he picked them all up...and then did it again with me sitting there.
5. The washer and dryer beep when the cycle is over. The oven beeps when it's preheated. Wyatt knows the difference too. When the washer or dryer goes of he immediately says "Uh-oh!" and runs to the laundry room. When it's the oven he immediately exclaims "Cookie!"


  1. Hi,
    I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to reading your posts. Your little boy is lovely.

  2. Look at him sucking on his toe- he is so funny! Zane takes all his shoes off too but no toe sucking yet,lol! Haha- I love that he says cookie when the oven goes off. He is just too cute!

  3. Haha that is awesome that he knows the difference!


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