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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2013!

Happy new year!!
I hope that you had a good time ringing in the new year! We definitely did!
We, of course, attended the Ducks Unlimited Banquet. Ryan was this year's chairman and I think he did such a good job. Not that I am biased or anything! For real though, they did really good last night and brought in lots of people and money for the ducks! I was very proud of him even though I was pretty much dateless for the evening. Ha! Thank goodness for my parents and friends there to entertain me!
I took a better picture of mom and dad, but this one was more fun because of what mom had done. As dad said, "I've still got it!"
Last year we brought this little puppy home for a very pretty penny.
Yes, Wyatt has a DU tricycle. 
And now he has a DU bicycle.
Mimi and Pawpaw go a little nuts when it comes to their grandbaby. But, it's for the ducks!! (Just glad it wasn't another pretty penny coming from out pocket. Ha!) Thanks Mimi and Pawpaw!
The best part of the evening is of course the raffle. I won a pistol case, hat, duck call, and dvd. I was pretty bummed to say the least. However, the last raffle was the dinner gun and it was a Browning Silver 12 gauge. Want to to guess whose lucky number got drawn for it?
This girl's!
I was so excited! Winning guns is by far the best thing eva.
We ended up in bed a little before 3 after we went for an early morning breakfast. I was convinced I was going to go into labor because my pelvic pain was so bad I could barely get into the vehicle and I had the worst contraction yet during the banquet. That, on top of charlie horses in my foot that woke me up every hour I am painfully exhausted.

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