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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

The last day of the year. I'm still questiong how that is even possible.
I feel like just the other day I was getting ready for a night out with my love, ready to support the ducks.
And, here I am again, hustling to finish up my last past of the year in order to squeeze in a nap before I head out to support the ducks again!
2012 has been so good to us. With news of a second baby probably being the highlight of the year!
In January, we kicked off the new year with a bang.
Or I did.
That didn't last too long considering they grew at high rate and I wasn't okay with that.
In February we celebrated a month of love...for the Razorbacks. We took Wyatt to his first Hogs basketball game and it was a lot of fun! I think he enjoyed himself.
March brought on more love...we celebrated 2 years of marriage with a trout fishing trip. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that we got to go.
In April my sweet little boy turned one! He had such a wonderful birthay. I am just so honored to be his mommy!
In May we took Wyatt to St. Louis for his first Major League Baseball game! He was such a good baby on this trip. We also visited the zoo. Ryan and I went on a float trip and this is the month that Claire was conceived. But not on the float trip. Ha!
We found out we were expecting another baby in June and it was such a joy. Our little boy started school and it was a little bit of an adjustment for me, but it has worked out perfectly!
In July we just  tried to survive the heat!

August was spent at the beach! Well, not the whole month, but it would have been nice! Wyatt was so adorable seeing the ocean for the first time.
September we took Wyatt to the fair...we celebrated Daddy's birthday.

October it was time for Halloween!

November we celebrated my birthday and baby Claire!

And here it is December...
Still so crazy that the year is over, that we are starting a new one, and all the new exciting things that the future holds for us.
We will be welcoming a new baby this year, our first born will be two, we will celebrate three years of marriage, and who knows what else. All I know is that it's going to be a wild ride!!

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  1. What a year it's been for you guys! You have changed so much in each of your monthly pictures, Wyatt too!! Can't wait to keep following throughout the new year! You are a blessing to me and you probably don't even realize it! : )


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