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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend recap

 It's Sunday. The weekend is coming to an end. It's been a weird, emotional weekend. Friday, by now, you heard of the tragedy that occurred in CT. I had just gotten home from my doctors appointment and turned on the tv. I was immediately bombarded by the sheer horror of what had happened and I just wept. I wept for those poor babies whose lives were taken too early. I wept for the mommas and daddies who wouldn't have a baby to tuck into bed that night. I wept that sadly, this is the world I'm bringing another baby into. It's hard to fathom that someone would do that to the most innocent of people. Yet, I find comfort knowing they ARE in Heaven protected, safe, and in the arms of our creator. My baby was at school. Two hours from when I was due to pick him up. It felt like the longest two hours and I caught myself constantly checking the clock, wanting to go get him but I resisted since I knew it was nap time. I guess it gave me time to think, to pray, to reflect and I think I needed that. My heart still hurts for the families. I couldn't help but hug Wyatt a little tighter and give him extra kisses when I picked him up from school. It didn't hurt that it was Pajama Day at school and he was looking extra scrumptious!
That night we headed to Conway to eat at Fuji's for Pa's birthday. It was the first time we had ate there and it was good! Wyatt enjoyed watching them cook in front of us. We got home smelling terrible, but wasn't about to wake Wyatt to bathe him so we put our stinky boy to bed. After Ryan and I showered we felt a million times better, but felt a little bad that Wyatt's hair still probably smelled liked food. Then, I immediately said we just needed to be thankful we had a little boy sleeping peacefully in his bed, stinky or not.
Saturday, we got up and headed to buy a new recliner. We actually found one that we like here in town so we went ahead and got it. I don't think I realized how much we actually needed one until we got the new one home and set up and I was so comfortable sitting in it. It's kind of a battle between Ryan and I as to who gets to sit in it and so far I have won just about every time. I need the support. Ryan doesn't. I have gotten in trouble about 32 times though because I've drank and ate in the chair already. Oh, apparently I cannot close the darn thing right either? I've gotten tutorials. I didn't know Ryan would be so possessive over a recliner. Ha!
After Wyatt got up from his nap we headed to Little Rock to hit up the Toys 'R Us to get the last of Wyatt's presents. It was a mad house and luckily we only needed one thing from there. Afterwards we ate at The Purple Cow for the first time and my word their milkshakes are amazing. I'm thankful there isn't one close because as much as I like milkshakes I would be in serious trouble.
Wyatt was getting a little restless on the way home. We were about to be at our exit and Ryan reached back and Wyatt started holding his hand. I (out of jealousy Ryan says) reached back to see if he would hold  mine too and he immediately latched on. It was so precious. I grabbed my phone and the flash caught him off guard. You can see just how restless he looks.
But then, I asked him to say cheese and this is what I got:
So sweet.
Once Wyatt was in bed, we watched Beauty and the Beast. Yep, a 31 and 27 year old on a Saturday night watched a fairytale movie. I was so tired of seeing the news of the shooting so the first thing that I came across that was "happy" and I wanted to see what this movie. It had just started and Ryan said he had never seen it so we watched it. It was just as good as I remembered. It was always my favorite princess movie, because duh...Belle is a brunette. I can totally relate.
Today, we got up and around for church.
It was a sombre feeling. Every song we sang made me cry just remembering those little babies. It was just very emotional. We also learned a member of the church passed away while we were there. Please pray for this family.
I am about to head to a visitation for a friend's dad who passed away earlier this week. It's weighed heavy on my heart too, but as he put it "come celebrate my dad's life." I love that perspective. If you are reading this, please take the moment right now to pray for him as well. The days ahead and going to be terribly hard.
After that we are heading to Mimi and Pawpaw's. Wyatt's been asking for them and has been looking for his puppy. He found his collar and carried it around asking Puppy? Guess we better go get Marley since he's been gone all week.
It's been a long weekend in a way, but not long enough. I'm more thankful than ever for my husband, my baby, and all my family.

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  1. It is so sad! My heart breaks whenever I hear more about that shooting. Wyatt looks adorable in his PJ's :)


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