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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pregnancy #1 vs. Pregnancy #2

This was originally started back in October...

With #1, the biggest questions are: how are you feeling, what are you having, and when are you due?
With #2 the biggest are: how are you feeling and is this your last?
I feel like most people genuinely care about how you are feeling and then seriously want to know just how crazy you are and just how many bambinos you are going to have.

With #1, it was definitely managable. I had a few weeks of feeling "yucky" but it definitely wasn't anything I couldn't handle.
With #2, my butt straight up got kicked. I started feeling sick at around 6 weeks and it didn't subside until a little after 16 weeks. This round is was so bad I had to get medicine from my doctor. Not fun.

With #1, I was grossed out with sweets. I could eat pretty much anything aside from the sweets.
With #2, I want nothing but sweets. I also get sick when I eat fried foods. French fries always sound so delicious, but anytime I eat them, I want to throw up. I guess it's good because sweets and fried foods would be horrible.

With #1, I very, very, slowly put on the lbs.
With #2, I will probably gain about 70 lbs. I feel like I am half way there. Oh well though...there is a thing called a gym and it will become my bff in late February.

With #1, I had them under control. I was more happy and content than anything.
With #2, I have another life I am looking out for and that in itself is much more emotional. The tiniest thing will bring tears to my eyes.

Baby's room
With #1, by this time with Claire the walls were painted, the bedding ordered, and wall stuff was picked out.
With #2, we will be lucky to start it by Thanksgiving...

With #1, I did my weekly bumpdate picture and questionaire.
With #2, I am lucky to remember taking the picture.

These two pregnancies have been completely different. I really loved my first pregnancy because it was all about me. Yep, I'm honest...I liked taking naps at my convenience. I liked coming home from work laying on the couch for hours on end watching tv. I liked being able to walk 3 miles every day because I had the time. Now? Now Wyatt is my first priority. Getting him dinner on the table by 6 (my old walking time) comes first. Getting bath time done (on my night) and him in bed by 8 is our priority. I just don't have the lazy down time that I did. Miss it? Of course, but Wyatt is definitely worth it. I loved everything about my first pregnancy. Everything. This time? I'm just okay with it. I guess it's just harder on me. Not really harder, I just don't have the time to wonder about her. I'm just busy busy with my 1.5 year old. I guess one thing that hasn't changed is that I feel just as blessed this go around. Babies are truly the greatest blessing there is and maybe I realize that more this time. I'm so ready to hold my sweet baby girl!

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