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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A White Christmas

Christmas morning Wyatt woke up at 5:30. Yes, 5:30. He's supposed to do this when he's like 6 isn't he? Don't all kids do that? I know me and Jason certainly did. Luckily, my parents never told us to go back to bed.
Since it was aleady 5:30, Ryan just put him in bed with us...he slept until 9:30. What? Didn't he know Santa  had came to visit him the night before?!
Ryan and I got up at 9 and so I made us some cinnamon rolls while we waited for our little man to wake up. Once he did he so sweetly came in to see what Santa brought him.
He was a busy little bee. He actually didn't open any other presents. I had to open the rest and he could have cared less. He was such a sweet little boy later that morning. He first crawled up in my lap and just sat with me and then got down and went and laid down with his daddy. It was so sweet.
The boys club.
A little after this we went to spend some time with Mimi and Pawpaw again. We knew that the weather was going to get "bad" so we stayed for just a few hours until it started to sleet and so we headed home. Not too long after that it started snowing! We put Wyatt down for a nap, watched a movie, and watched the snow fall.
Once he woke up from a nap we let Wyatt experience his first snow!
He was a little confused as to what it was, but I think he enjoyed it nonetheless. He kept saying "know" the whole time. I love how he can't really say his "S" and so it has been "know" and "Tanta."
Wyatt's second Christmas was so wonderful. I'm still a little shocked that it was actually a WHITE Christmas!!


  1. We had to help Charlie this year too, she was too obsessed with what she already had to open more. Glad it was an nice Christmas for you!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Zane just started saying snow but it comes out like owww.


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