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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Outhouse

We got this little tent for Wyatt for his birthday and he pretty much loves it.
Well, this morning Wyatt woke up a little after 7:30 so he was running around while we got ready. Ryan was in the shower, I was getting ready and suddenly the house got quiet. As a mother,  you immediately know that once the house goes quiet something is definitely up. A few minutes later I heard a little giggle so I decided to go see what the boy was up to. I poked my head in our bedroom, then our bathroom, and then Wyatt's room. No sign of him. When I turned around to leave his room I heard another little giggle coming from his tent.
I barely opened the flap and there he was just a smiling and happy. It was the cutest thing ever. Almost like he was playing hide-n-seek. But then, suddenly I smelled the stinky that he had lovingly filled his diaper with.
I guess he was using the tent as an outhouse and needed some privacy. The above picture cracks me up...I wish I had taken a little extra time to focus on him and not Marley.
He is everywhere. Everywhere.

Today we went to go fill up my vehicle and while Ryan was switching the carseat from vehicle to vehicle I noticed Wyatt was dragging everything out of his diaper bag on the floor. No big long as it is keeping him occupied I didn't mind. It wasn't until I heard some crunchy and found this:
We truly have a little piggy living in our house. That is an unopened package of graham crackers and, mind you, Wyatt just had dinner but I guess he was still hungry he chewed a hole in the package. Oh dear. Do other babies eat as much as mine?

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  1. Oh my goodness is that cute that he hid to do his business.

    Yes, my kids eat non stop. I swear some days all I do is feed them, change them, clean up after them. Lather Rinse Repeat ;)


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