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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The weekend

I know the weekend isn't over yet, but our fun quota may have been met already. I just put the baby in his bed, Ryan is curled up with some Oreos and milk so I would say we are done for the day.

I actually convinced Ryan to walk/run Nebo with me last night. He truly thought he was dying and actually said at one point, "Bunney I don't mean to be a pansy, but..." I believe he was hoping for a "well we can turn back now" but I responded with "just two more loops." That's what good workout partners do though, right? Encourage. Torture? Yes, I thought so.

Wyatt got a treat by staying the night with his Mimi last night. This morning we went to get him and took him to Karsyn's 6th birthday party.
It was such a cute cowgirl themed party and Wyatt had lots of fun. 
Okay I  lied.
He screamed when I snatched him up for a second for a picture. A second. He had things to do and food to eat and apparently mommy should have known better.

I was sad that my memory card was in the computer and not in my camera. I could have got some really cute pictures of the baby. 

After the party we came home and rested for a bit. By rested I really mean we hoped the baby would chill out and take a nap but it was clearly not on his agenda so we just got around and went to eat and shopping.

Since it is Cinco de Mayo we decided Mexican was appropriate. Did I ever mention that I am addicted to guacamole? Well I am. I only wish I had a really good recipe for it. Actually, I'm not because that along with some tortilla chips is definitely not bikini body friendly.
I went with my usual- chicken enchiladas.
There may have not been hardly anything left after this.

After some Mexican we treated ourselves to a sno cone. We tried out Tropical Sno and I have to confess I think I like Lana's better and here's favorite flavors are Pokemon and Ninja Turtle. We settled for a wedding cake and it was good, but I just don't like the "traditional" sno cones. However, I totally dig the cup thing. Best .50 I ever spent!
Baby was not happy while we were getting him in the carseat. I guess he was afraid he wasn't getting any.
And he didn't.

Okay, I kid. I kid.
A small doesn't go very far between 3 people, but then again it's not like we needed all that anyway...

Hope you've all had a great weekend so far!


  1. Love the picture of you and your husband! Sounds like a nice family day! :)


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