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Friday, June 1, 2012

Wyatt's first rodeo

Was tiring for his mommy and daddy.
Although you wouldn't be able to tell from the pictures.
It was a good time though. We drove for an hour, ate out Outback, wrangled a baby for an hour and a half if not more, and then drove the hour back home.

His Poppa Steve  and Talina got to see him though so that's what counts.

See this little boy running toward the left?

Well he just rode one of those sheep. Yep. I kid you not. It was seriously the funniest thing I believe I had seen all week and I guarantee you I will try my darnedest to get Wyatt in the rodeo riding a sheep in about 3 years!

There is nothing sweeter than him walking alongside his daddy looking like such a big boy!

And I promise you I am not about to do a sprint. I had squatted down to take a picture with the baby, but he obviously had other plans.

It was a good evening and I can honestly say that I look forward to next years when maybe my little man isn't so squirmy and can actually appreciate the entertainment a little more.


  1. Seriously can he be any more cuter!! I think not!

  2. You guys should come up the NWA for the 4th of July Rodeo! It's the 30-3 or 4th this year. It is SO much fun! And they do the muttin bustin here too!


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