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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

14 months old

14 months

-Weighs 27.8 lbs
-18-24 months clothes
-Size 6.5-7 shoes
-7 teeth (4 on top, 3 on bottom)

I cannot believe you are 14 months old! Time goes by entirely too fast. The biggest change has been you starting school 2 days a week. Today was your 3rd day and I think you are doing great. I am so thankful that you are an easily adaptable baby. You take two naps on the days you don’t have school and then one nap on the day that you do. Those school days we are lucky to keep you up until 7 and then you are dunzo. Your bedtime is 7 on school days and 7-8 on non-school days. You usually wake up between 7:30-8. You still love to eat any and every thing. You are coming around and starting to eat a little bit of potatoes. Still kind of blows my mind that you aren’t a fan. You would be outside 24/7 if we let you. Your vocabulary is very limited- mama, dada, and the gibberish. You will pick up your phone and say “hi.” You’ve started pointing and grunting at things you need. I tell you to “use your words” and identify things for you.You practically run everywhere you need to be. You still take a paci only at naps. I guess we are going to try and take it away at your 18 month mark even though I just knew we would have chucked it by your one year mark. Ha. How delusional were we. You give us the stink face when you aren’t getting what you want. You are happy to terrorize Marley. You climb up on the couch and try to steal his greenies. I’m not sure he even really likes you. You are finally signing "more." You have hidden many things from us. They can normally be found in the trash can or hampers.You love anything with buttons on them. You always lay down and press the buttons on your radio. I love it. You are just so much fun at this stage. You crack us up on a daily basis and we can’t get over how blessed we are to have you in our lives!
You also don't sit still long enough to get your picture taken.


  1. I love Marley's food dish mat!

  2. Ha, so cute! Why do they hide everything in hampers and such?!?


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