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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bump/Shades of Grey

First of all, thank you so much for the congratulations on our wonderful news!
I will be 7 weeks in just a couple days and let me tell you, morning sickness has set in full force. It is worse first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed. It comes and goes throughout the day and it is truly no fun at all. I gag every time I brush my teeth and I have that gross “mouth is watering because I’m about to vomit” that just lingers. I haven’t been much more tired this go around and I think it’s due to the fact that my body doesn’t have “time” to rest with a 14 month old. I’m hoping the morning sickness subsides very soon. I swear I already look 12 weeks pregnant. I’m not even kidding. If this is any indication how I will look after the 9 months is up I am a little terrified of how I am going to look. I just have to keep reminding myself that the end product is completely worth it.
4 weeks, 5 days
5 weeks, 5 days

Wow, right? They aren't kidding when they say you get bigger quicker. I usually look this big after I eat. In the second picture I had just ate a baked potato and salad. Crazy.

We’ve been busy lately and I’ve got to do some catch up posts hopefully tomorrow. Okay, I lied…we haven’t really been any busier since my last post: date night and Father’s Day is pretty much the extent of “busy.”
Confession: I’ve just become all consumed with Christian Grey. Yup, I one of those sleazy moms who reads “porn” as Ryan calls it. I started 50 Shades of Grey on Monday evening and finished last night. Yes, I have been reading for hours on end and no I am not the least bit ashamed of it. I am lucky to have a best friend that I can talk to about it. She too is all about some mommy porn apparently…as well as the rest of the world. Ha!


  1. OMG CONGRATS! That is so so exciting :)

  2. YOu look adorable! I am all about Mr. Grey too! Read the books in 12 hours!!


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