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Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Trout Fishing Trip

The past weekend we had our annual trout fishing/camping trip with my family on the White River.
It is so beautiful up there and it is truly one of my favorite places on Earth.
Wyatt was being quite the goofy little fella on the way up there.

Even giving us bad looks when we took his shades away.

We arrived early Friday afternoon, set up camp, and headed to Gassville to eat at Nima's pizza because it's all the rage as Ryan says. Okay, so maybe he doesn't really say that, but the pizza has actually won an award for the best pizza nationally in Vegas a couple of years ago so it was worth trying out. Ryan eats there visiting customers so he was a veteran. Wyatt and I were newbies and we thoroughly enjoyed the pizza. Wyatt not as much as me, but still he got his tummy full.

We, well me and Wyatt, turned in fairly early on Friday night because we were pooped. But first we had to run around the camper before our bath.

We decided I would sleep in the bed with Wyatt while Ryan had the couch. I never realized what a wiggler I've got. I woke up with multiple arms hitting me and 3 times with a little booty in my face.

Notice how he is right smack in the middle of the bed. Ryan claims I am a bed-hog. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Saturday Wyatt got up about 7 so naturally so did we. Mom, Dad, and Jason were already out catching fish. We had breakfast watching the boats pass by.

Yes, he is terrified that someone is going to steal his milk.

While waiting our chance to go fishing (that afternoon) we took lots of strolls in the wagon down to spy on the others.

Here they are catching their fish. Over the weekend we caught 100+ trout! Of those 100, I caught one, but more on that later.

Wyatt got plenty of food to eat. Seriously I am pretty sure he gained about 3 pounds. Some of those pounds may or may not be rocks that he consumed. 

Mom came in at noon so that Ryan and I could go fish. When I say I only caught one fish I meant that.

At least I have proof. 

There is no proof that Ryan caught any.

This is clearly not my fault.
I do have proof that he bought a fancy new hat though.

Ryan is beginning to outfish me and I am

This trip is quite the exception because seriously I caught my first fish within minutes of being on the water and then I was pretty much done. I had good reason I believe. I was exhausted.
Laying out while Ryan fished was much more appealing to me apparently. I felt bad because I was seriously not very much fun, clearly. At least Ryan forgave me for being so boring. Like I said, I was tired. Chasing around a toddler is work people. Work.

We ended up having so much yummy food both nights and I wish I had taken pictures of it...and my parents, and Wyatt's Uncle Jason, and Marley, and Doug and Di. I failed in the picture taking department...but remember when I said that a toddler work? Well, I worked this weekend... So did everyone else, but especially Wyatt's momma!

We came home Sunday and you can tell just how wore out the kiddos are. Out like lightbulbs. Oh look there- I did get a picture of Marley. 

Bunney, next year it is ON. I will beat you. I'll even place a bet or two on it. 

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  1. Looks like a great trip!
    I will route for you on the next go aound :)


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