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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday Party

This morning we had Wyatt's second birthday party.

I actually should have titled this "Cupcake Catastrophe" because that's exactly what it almost was.

I was supposed to pick up cupcakes from a local lady at 8:30. I sent Ryan to get them and by 8:45 after many attempted calls she finally answered her phone. I wasn't very pleasant I don't think, but I don't think I needed to be. I mean, I had paid her and we had made plans and believe it or not she totally forgot about my order of 3 dozen cupcakes...seriously. I was very unhappy and very stressed out. I mean I did have 15 kiddos who had to have cupcakes and the party was an hour away. AHHH!
After rejecting her offer of  a refund and a gift certificate she said she'd start making them right away and have them there a little after 10...and she did...and they were completely free...and they were still warm...and they were really good...and did I mention free...(but not worth the stress of it all). She had them there shortly after 10 and I was so very thankful. She was quite apologetic and I know it's human error, but lawd!

Anyway, Wyatt had a wonderful birthday party!! Lots of little friends showed up and they played HARD!

Tom E. Tiger was the perfect place to have his party!


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  1. Oh MY GOODNESS! I would have DIED. Seriously. Glad it all worked out but, man oh man. Too much stress for me.

    He looked like he had a great day!


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