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Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy 2nd birthday, Wyatt!

My sweet little (big) boy is 2 years old today!!

I know I will likely say this every year, but it blows my mind that I have been a mom for 2 years. Not to mention to such a sweet, loving, silly little boy like Wyatt. I know the Lord knew what he was doing we he gifted us with Wyatt. He keeps us on on our toes, makes us laugh, and even makes us want to pull our hair out at times.

Being a parent has without a doubt been the most challenging thing I have ever experienced. It's filled with lots and lots of highs and the occasional lows (read: teething, sickies, and tantrums). There are times that I think that I am completely screwing up his life and time that I am completely rocking it and preparing him for nothing but success.

I love having a two year old. He does things that are absolutely hilarious and it just seems that every day is more fun than the last.

I look forward to spending the day with Wyatt once he gets out of school today and celebrating him tomorrow with family and friends!
Oh, and eating on this that I made you!

Happy birthday, Wyatt!! You are so very special to us and we love you so much!

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