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Monday, March 4, 2013

Magic Monday

If you think I don't know that it's actually "Manic Monday" you are wrong. I just like to say Magic Monday because that's what Ryan (ever so seriously) referred to it as once.
Lately, we have celebrated Miss Emma's first birthday.
Me and my mommy!
Speaking of love...this little guy loves him some cupcakes!
This is one of my favorite pictures of me EVER:
Claire likes to be swaddled...I cracked up at myself after I stepped back from wrapping up my burrito. Not my best wrap I'll admit.

Wyatt's big into giving knuckles. So much so if he gives one person knuckles everyone in the room has to get them. Even his sissy.
We have some of the best neighbors. Miss Brenda came over and got Wyatt to get gather some eggs. She was so sweet to take this picture for us! Does he not look so happy

It's a fact that I love Claire's hair. I couldn't help but comb it last night...
I feel like she is already embarrassed of me for doing this.
Wyatt loves to feed Bobby. He also chooses not to listen to me when I tell him 20 times to leave it alone while I am feeding Claire.
This is what happens.
It won't be the first or last time, trust me.
Here's to a good week.

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