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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3 year anniversary

3 years ago today I married my best friend!
He continues to be my very best friend. We share everything...good things, bad things, things we probably shouldn't.
My life is 100 times better because Ryan is my husband. Things aren't always peachy keene. No, no. We have our fair share of ups and down, but thank God there are more ups than downs. We knew within a very short time (a couple months) that we would get married. We did the whole "when we get married" bit before we were even technically boyfriend/girlfried. We just knew. Three years and two beautiful babies later, we still know. There is no one I'd rather be sharing my life with than him.
I love the love that he has for me. He tolerates me even when he wants to punch me in the face.
I love the love that he has for our babies.

We don't have big plans for this evening. I awaiting his arrival home from Missouri. Yah, didn't even get to wake up with my husband on our anniversary, but I will be going to bed with him. Don't even go all R rated on me either. Ha! I plan to make him engage in some pillow talk about how much he loves me.
Happy Anniversary, Bunney!!

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