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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

23 months old

At 23 months you...
-weigh 32 lbs
-are wearing: 3T shirts, 24mo/2T pants, 9 shoe, 6 diaper
-are using more and more words everyday
-have all 16 teeth
- are completely obsessed with your daddy
-love Sissy
-are  becoming slightly more stubborn
-love school
-have gotten a fair number of spankings for bad behavior- biting, hitting, screaming at us, and hurting Sissy
-you love to do all your chores- laundry, dishes, feeding Bobby, picking up toys, etc.
-you sleep for 12 hours still with a 3 hour nap
-love to be outdoors
-everything sweet to you is a cookie! And that's just how you say it
-you are using your potty but it's very random and usually just once a day

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