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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish the Sentence

Linky link time!

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...Dessert after my snacks instead of just after lunch and dinner.
2. On my Prom night....I most vividly remember the point where the guys line up on one side and the girls on the other and the guys come get the garter by way of dancing. (Why are 17 yr olds wearing garters?!) My date had some rad dance moves coming across the dance floor. Seriously.
3. When I go to the store, I always buy...At least one thing that causes the husband to silently cuss me while unloading the bags. While standing in the checkout line I think of the reason "why" so I feel prepared in defending said item.
4. Family functions typically...Involve me trying to figure out who these people are.
5. I think my blog readers...Question why they are reading what they're reading.
6. I'd much rather be...getting fat instead of working to stay thin.
7. I have an obsession with...snapchat currently.
8. My work friends....Probably wished I wasn't so blunt, but probably wish they could let things roll of their back as easily as I do.
9. When I created my Facebook account....I kept it from my then boyfriend who didn't have one since you had to be in college. His friend busted me out one night mentioning us being "friends." I then had to go home and update my relationship status letting people know I was off the market. Worst day ever.
10. My least favorite word is...Moist, C-U-Next-Thursday, and anal.
11. I really don't remember...much of what happened my last semester of college. Thank goodness I was a camera whore and have lots of treasures from that time in my life because it was fun.
12. Justin Bieber....Would scream rape within the first 15 minutes we were alone.

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  1. that's great! bieber would not know what to do! haha. thanks for linking with us!


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